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4 Types of Exhibitions Stands You’ll See In An Exhibition Floor

Whether you are looking for establishing new business connections, promoting products and services or both, the presentation is important, you want to organise your exhibition events well and provide the best creative booth design concepts. This includes expo exhibitors who provide information about what participants really want to improve with regard to the collaboration between the companies and participants, including, selecting the right expo stands for exhibition events and providing excellent exhibition graphics.

The type of expo stands which are best suited to your exhibition fairs and your participants will depend on what you show, the amount of space you need, the location of your exhibition events, and the configuration options available. Here are the four most popular types of expo stands – and what they offer.

Visual aspects that serve as building blocks for effective Diseño De Exposiciones

To make an appealing composition, multiple and unique units work in harmony. When it comes to exhibition booth design and composition, your expo stands follow the same universal criteria. Each visual design element that goes into creating your custom exhibition stand design should be understood.

So, let’s break down all of the important aesthetic elements that define the appearance of your show booth.
  • Stand Area

The length and breadth of your exhibition space design can be limited by stand space, but only to a minor extent. Finally, the floor area of your stand space will be determined by your budget and display goals.

First and foremost, consider why you require a specific quantity of floor and wall space in an exhibition. Meeting rooms, storage places, lounge areas, product display shelves, and reception counters are the most typical places for which exhibitors require concrete explanations in order to set up a stand.

Make sure you understand that a single product display takes up less room. Booking your design stall space a year in advance or right after the current show ends, will save you money by giving you more options and allowing you to book your space at a lower price.

  • The location

When it comes to setting up a expo exhibition, the location is the most crucial consideration. The exhibition hall’s traffic pattern will determine where your show booth will be located. Consider the traffic flow from the entrance and exit locations, as well as the walkways to the conference rooms, restrooms, and cafeteria. This will also determine the access and departure points for your exhibition space design and banner booth Point of Sale (if you have a corner/island stand). If you have a full floor layout from the show organisers, you will be able to determine this.

Types of Stands

The expo booth design companies offer their clients a number of hybrids and types of  expo stands, but we’re going to explain the four main show booth types which many exhibitors use.

  •  Shell Scheme Stands

If you’re looking for small expo stand design ideas, these are two or three-walled stands with wall panels, floor carpet, and usually a façade with the company name across the top provided by the show organisers. The company’s branding can then be applied to this stand. If you’re on a tight budget, a Shell Scheme Stand is an excellent choice.

  • Raw Stand Space

It’s also known as “raw space,” and it simply refers to renting floor space for the purpose of constructing  custom built exhibition stands /modular stands. You will have more customization possibilities with Raw Space, allowing you to construct a personalised or the modular stands that are unique to your business image. You can use the services of exhibition booth builders to estimate the cost of such a setup, but hiring a full-service contractor to handle all aspects of your exhibition space design and construction will make the process much easier.

  • Row Stands

A Row Stand is one of two stands in a row that share wall space. It usually has one open side that runs the length of the foyer. Many exhibitors regard row stands to be cost-effective.

However, if the space rent is lower, Row Stand requires at least a three-sided wall, which could raise the size of your show booth as well as the cost of printing and construction. As a result, it’s an off between what matters most to your visitors’ experience: stand size and orientation against exhibition booth design components.

To differentiate out from its competitors, they also require more “innovative” design and presentation effort. Its three walls provide ample area for product displays, a reception counter, an LCD screen, and other amenities.

  • Corner and two-corner stands

If your show booth is near the entrance or at the end of a row, you can use a Corner Stand. Because both sides are open, you’ll have two access points, making this layout open and appealing. Corner Stands, which are typically located on a busy crossroads, provide ample space for multiple sections such as lounge seating, storage, and a meeting room. You can also include an L-shaped booth banner, multiple product display stands for exhibition, and several seating options.

Final Thoughts

These were the types of expo booth designs that you can use while organising your exhibition expo fairs.  Interactive components in your exhibition display design will help you create a memorable brand experience for your visitors.

We hope we’ve provided you some ideas for  your upcoming event’s expo booth design.
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