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Do Giveaways Work in Helping Attendees Remember Your 3D Exhibition Stand?

Remember the branded mug, Pendrive, tote bag and portable charger you got the last time you visited an exhibition booth stand? And not just one booth but all the exhibits you visited in the exhibition. That was a giveaway!

What is a Giveaway? 

A giveaway or a promotional item is memorabilia a company will hand out to all the attendees who visit their 3D exhibition stand. So, as the name suggests, it’s like a token of appreciation that companies “give away” to the attendees free of charge. These could be anything from a mug to a tote bag to even a portable charger. 

What Makes for a Good Giveaway?

Although it may seem as if the company chose the giveaway after a game of spin-the-wheel or darts, there’s a lot of thought gone into choosing the right item for the expo booth display.

This brings us to the question, what makes for a good giveaway? Or in other words, what parameters do companies keep in mind when selecting a giveaway? Here are some of them:

  • Relevance to Target Audience: Your giveaway item will lose its significance if it’s not relevant to the target audience. While a tote bag is a good option, medical professionals are less likely to use them. 
  • Usefulness: Your giveaway isn’t home decor. The idea of a giveaway is that the more the attendee will use it the more likely they are to remember your brand. 
  • Uniqueness: As practical as your giveaway might be, it needs to be unique. A simple pop socket or pen drive or even mug might be used by the attendees regularly but over time, if they can’t remember how they got the item, the tactic has failed. 

Why Do Companies Hand Them Out?

This brings is us to the question, why do companies bother spending money on buying these items when they have spent a fortune on their 3D exhibition stand? Doesn’t it become an added expense the company has to bear? Not really. Here’s why.

  • Memorabilia: The giveaway becomes a small part of the expo booth that attendees take back home with them. With so many exhibits, this becomes something that the attendees remember your brand by.
  • Recall Value: Over time, the more the attendees use them, with a branded giveaway, the more they will subconsciously read the brand name. So, the next time they need something your brand sell, they’ll know where to go.
  • Gain New Customers: If the attendee gives the item to someone else, the person will immediately know about your company and might even enquire about it. Or, it may happen that they might simply be fascinated by the product and look up the brand.
Do They Really Work? 

So, the question remains, do giveaways work in helping attendees remember your 3D exhibition stand? The answer is yes! 

Giveaways are some of the easiest ways for a company to make nail their brand’s name in the attendee’s mind. How so? Because the attendee is taking a part of the stand de feria home. More than that, it becomes like a token of appreciation that comes across as a thoughtful gesture. 

If you’re smart enough to find the right giveaway, chances are the attendees will use these items in their daily life or place them where they can frequently see them. So what does do? It’s simple consumer psychology!

The more the attendee sees or uses the giveaway, they are somewhere reminded of where they got it from or even who gave it to them. So, the next time they are trying to buy something from your niche, your name will instantly pop up in their mind. 

Are you still confused? Let’s take an example. Suppose you’re a home appliances company that set up a show booth and gave out a branded portable charger as a giveaway. Now, as a commonly used item, the portable charger is bound to be used by a significant number of attendees. 

So, if their home appliance, say, fridge or washing machine breaks down. When they think of buying a new one, your name will immediately pop up in their mind. Why is that? Because they have spent so much time reading your brand’s name while charging their phone. This has primed them to think of your brand. 

We hope this article helped understand how important giveaways are for attendees to remember your 3D exhibition stand.

Tip of the Day: When choosing your giveaways, stay clear of big and bulky items that are hard to carry and store. Keep this in mind: if it inconveniences the attendee to carry it around the venue, it’s going to get discarded once the show’s over. 

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