It is often said that, “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL”.

Certainly it is. Now, if you happen to have a exhibition stall design at an exhibition show, it can create a massive presence with a big impact, if you are creative enough to maximize its space to beneficial effect.  It can also enhance your brand identity and win your brand business opportunities.


If you have a small stall design, there is no reason for you to feel dispirited. Instead, you can create a big impact with it by following a few small booth tips.



A minimalist design tends to make people curious and inquisitive about its real meaning and purpose.

Before trying out a minimalist design, select a simple stall design or modular stall design. Then, you can try minimalist design that is unique and pleasing to the eye. 

Else, you can opt for a stall design that has a veil of secrecy around it. Like for instance, a stall design with high-end graphics which tend to make people curious and inquisitive about its purpose.


Your small stall design should incorporate the brand image of your company effectively.

This means it needs to include proper size and placement of logo, tagline, and color scheme that are in tune with the brand identity. This will also make for easier brand recall.

Hiring a professional exhibition company with an in-house design team will be helpful in this regard. Besides they help to save time and efforts in creating the brand-oriented stall design.


Your participation at an exhibition event will prove fruitless if you are not able to convey your brand message effectively. 

Remember, an exhibition event is a great opportunity to promote your brand even if you happen to have a stall design with a strange logo. Instead, you can go for a customized logo with a message that is concise and powerful, well-supplemented by creative panels.

Similarly, you can highlight your products by using display options like pop-up exhibits or wall-hangers.


Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the feel and ambiance of a stall. There are several ways to light up your stall and give it a special feel and meaning. 

You can use floodlight or up-lighting to amplify your stall design and make it look more imposing and pleasing. Similarly, you can give your displayed products a special glow with beautifully-balanced lights sans dark spots.

A poorly lit stall or improper display of products will only drive away the visitors from your stall. This can happen whether your stall is small or large. On the other hand, a well-lit stall will make your stall a standout amidst the crowd and also send out a clear message about your company’s intention.

On the whole, even with a small stall design, a well-crafted and lit stall will make it look dazzling; create a big impact; and give you an opportunity to attract leads and garner new business.


Your participation at an exhibition event eventually boils down to engagement with the audience and cultivate long-term relationships with them. 

With several technological options available today, there is no dearth of opportunities for your brand to boost its engagement; and build healthy long-term relationships. 

Technology like big LCD Screen or 3D Displays will make your stall feel cozy and warm, thereby enhancing the glow of your exhibition stall design. Then, there is AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) which can instinctively engage the visitors and keep them engrossed for long. Aside from these, you can try out e-brochures or e-books that can be transmitted to the visitors’ Smartphone’s and keep them engaged at the event. 

Technology can be used to make your booth entry point more welcoming. This will give rise to more human-to-human interactions. The reception areas can be located in your small stall booth at the corners or the area around the booth. They will help to facilitate more robust interactions with the visitors.

To make the whole process smooth, hiring a professional exhibition company with seamless design studio and workshop coordination will be greatly beneficial.

All that is required is creativity and smart thinking to leverage technology and forge some good healthy connections.


A small stall design offers a good opportunity to appear friendlier and approachable to the visitors than large booth designs. Besides, being small, they tend to appear friendlier and approachable to the visitors. This will attract them to your small stall design.

You can use the opportunity by answering the visitors’ queries politely and amicably, besides showing what displays of yours can work best for them. This will help to create a friendly image of your business and improve the customer-centric approach of your business.

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