No one can forecast what will happen in the future. 

However, you can forecast trends that are likely to happen in the future. 

For quite some time now, large custom stands have been the flavor of the exhibition industry. But they at times can be a hindrance as they are too bulky and consume time to set-up and install. Thankfully, there lies an alternative in the form of portable expo displays.

What makes the trade show displays the future of event marketing campaigns is they are functional, portable, and easy to set-up, install, and dismantle. Besides, they can be used again and again in several trade show seasons.


You may wonder what makes Portable Expo Displays the future of event marketing.

The answer to your query lies in the following benefits it offers.


When compared to other kinds of displays, a portable expo display offers many options.

You can 

  • Have a display layout that can be adapted to the requirements of a variety of floor plans. This will give you the flexibility when you look to hire more space on the trade show floor.
  • Avoid getting entangled in a situation where you need to choose between two or more conflicting shows. With portable trade show displays, you can participate in each and every show that you would like to. All you have to decide is which show should get a custom display and which shows are better off with portable expo displays.
  • Have a display that can be used for other events. Like a recruitment event or a fundraiser. Having portable expo displays will also help to project a professional appearance at any event.
  • Have a display that can be used for decorating your corporate lobby or an office area when not in use at a trade show. 


When compared to other types of displays, portable expo displays like hop up and pop up displays offer tremendous versatility. 

A good example relates to printing a full-color customized company graphic design and logo on the display’s fabric. This will allow you to comfortably personalize your exhibition booth.

Another benefit is you can have multiple fabric covers, with each of them sporting different graphic design of your company; else, you can have a series of product images. 

These options will allow you to customize your trade show displays in the way you like with comparative ease. Additionally, it will also supplement your marketing approach to target various types of customers.


Portable expo displays are easy to set-up and transport, when compared to other displays, some of which are too cumbersome and bulky. They can be easily assembled by a single person; this will eliminate the need for additional helping hands.

Besides, they can be set-up in a few minutes, 10 minutes being the maximum time. There are some advanced portable expo displays that can be set-up in a minute.

They also come with several varieties which will help you to make the most of the available space you are allocated and at the same time be able to comply with trade show rules. You can even have two portable expo displays side by side at a trade show, and still visitors will not be able to make out that they are both portable expo displays. They will look completely different from one another.

Another advantage is that they can be broken down into a compact, lightweight package by a single person. This will help your company to bring down costs and at the same time, transport them in own vehicle with comfortable ease. Also, besides cutting down on transportation costs, they also help to cut down on shipping and drayage costs which otherwise account for 10 percent of the average trade show budget.


Storing and maintaining portable expo displays is simple. All that is required is routine maintenance at regular intervals and storage in a safe and clean area. Additionally, they are compact which means they require minimal of storage space.

Besides the fabric used to construct them offers sound benefits. They will look fresh and vibrant even after laundering,


When compared to a customized display, portable expo displays costs less.

They generally are lighter and smaller as well. This makes them comfortable and easy to ship, thereby lowering shipping costs. Additionally, when the display arrives at the trade show, it will be easy to install them and then dismantle later. All of these will help to save on costs as well as I&D rates.

There are times when your event marketing plans could change from one trade show to another trade show. You can use the same portable expo displays as they are designed to be installed and dismantled over several trade show seasons. Besides, their longevity allows you to use them well beyond your current event marketing campaign.

Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that you can change your display graphics as and when your event marketing plans change. Thus, you can have different displays on each day of a trade show.

Portable expo displays are also designed to withstand the extreme rigors of wear and tear; and still be fresh enough to be used again and again. Overall, an investment in portable expo displays will give you healthy returns for a long time. 

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