Choosing stand builder from amongst a pool of several exhibition stand builders can be dicey and challenging.

With so many exhibition stand companies out there, it is not always so easy to know which one among them is the right exhibition stand company to design and build your exhibition stand. 

Your final choice should be an exhibition stand builder who can produce original exhibition stand design; ensure quality construction; and deliver friendly customer-services.


When choosing stand builder, you need to consider certain aspects, before making up your mind on the final selection.



The first question you need to ask them is, “Are you an experienced stand builder? If so, what is your level of experience and skill-sets?

In any line of work, experience and reputation are crucial. Likewise, in an event like exhibition, experience and skill sets matter a lot. 

Hence, before you look to invest your hard-earned money in an exhibition stand builder or exhibition stand company, you need to have the confidence and trust knowing that the exhibition stand builder or exhibition stand company is capable of creating a bespoke exhibition stand as per your requirements.

Don’t rush into things just like that. Instead, meticulously approach your task in the following ways.

  • Do a thorough research of all the available exhibition stand builders in your city.
  • Find out on how long have they been in business, and how much experience does their team have in the exhibition industry.
  • Look up their websites and check out their customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Interact with their existing and previous clients; and query them on how has their experience been with the exhibition stand company, and what is their opinion about the exhibition stand company.

The above are some of the things you should consider thoroughly before trying to arrive at a final exhibition stand builder selection decision.


It’s important to find out whether the exhibition stand company outsources or sub-contracts works to an independent exhibition stand contractor or a clutch of stand builders.

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then there always is a concern about the

  • Quality and reliability of the project work. Besides, you are making a decision to choose a specific exhibition stand builder because of the work they do and not on the basis of what they intend to do; or what the third party does.
  • Impact on the price of the stand and on the finished quality. There are some exhibition stand companies that design the exhibition stand and then sub-contracts out the actual stand build to another company. As a result, you end-up paying up 20 percent more for the work than if you were to hire an exhibition stand builder who will design, build, and install the exhibition stand, all with own workforce.
  • Ability to control quality and deadlines. Many a time due to contract of work to a third party, there are last-minute changes that need to be made to the exhibition stand. This will make it much more difficult for you to manage the whole task and finish off the work.

Hence, you should be clear in your mind which source will be manufacturing and designing your exhibition stand; and whether such a source is capable of executing the task and delivering quality output. 

The safest way would be to select an exhibition stand builder with the requisite skill-sets to design and build your exhibition stand in-house. This will help to save on costs, time, and efforts; and above all, avoid getting entangled in any unexpected issues.


A Chartered Accountancy firm will generally have a professional accreditation like ‘Affiliated to the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India’. They give you the assurance that the firm can be relied upon to deliver a high professional level of work to the highest quality standards.

Similarly, look for an exhibition stand company that has earned professional accreditation in the events industry. Like the membership of a trade body like IEAA (International Association of Exhibitions and Events); or ESSA (Events Supplier and Services Association).

Such accreditations will convince you about the credibility and creditworthiness of the exhibition stand company; and their level of service, financial management; and quality of work.


The level and depth of services varies from exhibition Stand Company to exhibition Stand Company. Some offer a complete range of services under one single roof; while some specialize in specialist niche areas; and some others outsource certain aspects of their work to third parties.

Talking about the quality of work, there are two ways to find out about the same.

  • Do a thorough research. Exhibition stand builders whose services are in demand generally have a steady flow of work projects from existing and new clients. Find out on this aspect when you do a research on an exhibition stand company.
  • Speak to existing and past clients on how has been their experience with an exhibition stand builder regarding quality of work, finishes, customer service, and any cost increase they had to encounter during the contract period. This will give a real sense of how the builder performs on the job.

A good exhibition stand company is one that 

  • Designs exhibition stands for a wide array of industries and different types of clients. 
  • Produces each design that is unique to the client company’s branding; services, and products; and designed with the individual client’s needs in mind.

In addition to the above, make sure to read the small print thoroughly. Check if there are any extra costs for changes and variations down the line later. You need to be clear on what you will be getting for your investment in an exhibition stand company.

By considering all of the above aspects meticulously, you should be able to arrive at the right exhibition stand company choice.

Make sure when choosing exhibition stand builder, your selection should not be an exhibition stand company that quotes the lowest price for the project work. There is no doubt that cost matters but at the same time it is important to understand that exhibition stand builders that quote cheapest prices can either find ways to inflate the costs once you are in contract; or produce final output that is poor in quality or not up to your expectations. This will result in disproportionate rise in costs.

It must also be understood that quality work does not come cheap. Although the initial cost could be high, the final output will give you quality ROI in the long-term.

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