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How Can Modular Stand Design Benefit Your Business?

Having a large, customised show stand can be quite expensive and often constraining for small to medium sized firms.

When it comes to organisations who attend several events but are on a budget, these types of Modular stand design are prone to flaws and troubles. In these cases, using modular stand design for your expo is generally a preferable option.

For the types of businesses listed earlier, modular stand design offers some significant advantages.

We’ll delve deeper into these advantages.

  1. Portability
  2. Installation time and team members are limited.
  3. Designs with a lot of impact and colour
  4. Simple reorganisations
  5. Parts that can be reused
  • Their Portability is an Obvious Advantage

Modular stand design frameworks build exhibition stands that travel far more effectively than custom-built designs. Because the design is modular, it can be broken down into smaller, more manageable components that can be put into small packages

These bundles can then be placed in travel cases in the backseats of automobiles or vans. As an added advantage, these packages or travel boxes can then be dispatched via FedEx or UPS, potentially saving money on freight and storage.

The lightweight and modular form of these modular stand designs makes it much easier to transport the entire structure to the event place than custom stands. These places are frequently difficult to reach, and enormous custom modular exhibition stands that require forklift trucks or other machinery make things even more difficult. All of this may be avoided if you use a modular exhibition stand for your next event.

  • Setup is Simple and Quick

Many businesses lack the manpower to cover or construct a large booth at the expos they attend. A tiny portable and modular stand design is ideal in these situations. These types of displays allow a small staff to rapidly and easily manufacture and install their exhibition stands.

Also, because no tools or levers are required, it is often unnecessary to hire a “skilled” labour force, resulting in lower labour costs. Your staff can get back to their core mission at the exhibition: doing business, thanks to the quick and easy assembly and installation. As an illustration of how quickly and easily a modular show stand may be constructed.

  • Options for High-Impact, Eye-Catching Design

Modular stand design can be customised to resemble custom exhibits. Exhibitors will not miss out on anything thanks to the different graphic applications and structural adaptability. Using a modular exhibition framework, you can create high-impact, visually interesting stands for a quarter of the cost and in half the time.

The smaller, adaptable graphics are another important feature of these portable devices. Large display designs, for example, necessitate massive images to cover their framework. The printing of these graphics is frequently nearly as expensive as the structure, and they are frequently irreplaceable.

The graphics on the smaller portable displays may be swapped out, which is much more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the money saved on graphic size can be used to create more vibrant, eye-catching visuals and images.

  • More Often than Not, ,Modular Implies More

Because of the modularity of these displays, numerous display configurations can be constructed based on the dimensions of the exhibition space. Exhibitors can construct displays that better suit their individual venues thanks to the interconnecting and interchangeable parts.

Using portable screens does not imply that you will have a lower impact or that you will forgo outcomes. They are more cost-effective, provide more design alternatives, and allow you to spend less time at these events.

  • Reusability

Finally, one of the main advantages of using modular stand design is the possibility to reuse the structure multiple times. When it comes to bespoke display stands made of wood or other materials, you can only get a single usage out of this design. When the exhibition is over, the panels that have been glued or nailed together are difficult to separate and are frequently destroyed.

Modular stand design may be rapidly dismantled while keeping the framework in place for future events. An outdated show stand can be made to feel and seem brand new by just changing the graphics or slightly tweaking the design with module additions. This helps you to save a lot of money on revamping and buying new stands, as well as being more ecologically friendly.

Final Thoughts 

When you choose a modular stand design, you are paying for a stand that you can use again and again to assist your displaying efforts and market your brand. You may achieve a consistent look for your brand at many exhibitions throughout the year by using a modular stand design. If buying an exhibition stand is still out of the question for your company, you can rent one for a reasonable price. Using a modular exhibition stand allows you to adapt the style of your exhibit to fit your needs at different shows at a low cost. This is a viable choice for any company, regardless of the product or service they provide.


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