Email Marketing Tips for your Expo Stands

While a creative exhibition stall design is necessary for exhibition expo fairs, there’s something more that can easily increase your show booth’s foot traffic And that is marketing, specifically, email marketing. 

As one of the most popular forms of marketing techniques in the exhibition industry, if done right, you can have attendees heading straight to your expo booth without your staff having to put any effort to attract them. 

So, here are 7 tips on email marketing for your expo stands for the upcoming event. 

  • Create a Schedule

Just like you make a schedule for the creation of the expo stands, you must also create one for your email marketing. This will help you keep track of what emails are being sent when they are sent and who all are on your email list.

The last thing you want is to overwhelm the receiver with a flood of emails. So, rather than haphazardly sending emails with no set time and date, you have a proper timeline to follow. 

  • Send Invites to Target Audience

While you may send out emails to the registered attendees, of all the people attending, not everyone will fall under your target audience. So, rather than sending them to everyone, it is better to focus on your target audience.

Sending targeted emails to them not only increases your chances of increasing foot traffic to your expo stands but also makes the attendee feel important and valued. 

  • Send Reminders

While the attendees might remember the exhibition, they won’t remember your brand with just one email. With so many brands doing the same thing, or even their own work occupying them, there’s a high chance they won’t remember your brand. So, sending out a few reminders can reinforce your brand in their mind. 

However, be wary to not send them a barrage of emails that clutters up their inbox as it might become an annoyance, thus, keeping them away from your exhibition stand booth. 

  • Talk About the Booth

Use the marketing opportunity to “sell” the show booth before the exhibition beings. By this, we don’t mean that you go into detail, rather, mention some important aspects that are the highlight. For example, mention any product launches, product demonstrations, speakers, offers, discounts, presentations and so on. 

  • Include Exhibition Graphics

While your content might be innovative and engaging, rarely do people read through emails with just text. So, you need to up your email marketing game by incorporating some of the exhibition stand booth graphics. 

While these don’t have to be too elaborate, an eye-catching image or even brand message or tagline will do the trick. This not only makes the email appealing, but it also gives the attendees a sneak peek into what they can expect from your brand and the cool exhibition stands you will have at the exhibition events.

  • Content Related to Exhibition Theme

As mentioned before, including graphics is extremely important to pique the interest of the attendees and make them want to visit the brand’s expo stands. So, while you might want to keep the creative  graphics under the wraps, why not introduce them to your theme. 

Apart from the theme-related graphics, you can go one step further and create the email content that suits the theme. 

Rather than coming across as too formal, why not use terms, slangs, and phrases related to your expo booth theme. For example, if your theme is the beach, use words like “sunshine”, “ocean breeze”, “riding on the ocean waves”, “chilling under the sun” and much more. 

  • Personalized Content

If you have the time, with a little research, create personalized content for your attendee invites. With some background research, you can have a general idea about the attendee. So, if there’s anything common between them and your stand’s elements, make sure to highlight this in your email. 

This way, you can create a connection between your attendees and pique their interest in your expo booth. 

We hope this article was helpful in understanding how you can create better email marketing strategies and content for your expo stands.

Having the best exhibition stands aren’t just about having distinctive exhibition stall designers create cool exhibition stands. More than that, it’s about marketing the booth so that the attendees are aware of your brand and its participation. This is why you need to create impeccable email marketing content that attracts the attention of the attendees.

Tip of the Day: Create a master document that contains everything related to your email marketing strategies, from content to the calendar. This way you can keep track of everything without having to scroll through inboxes and files to find the needed information.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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