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Exhibition Design Booth’s Post-Show Marketing

The exhibition might be over, but your job isn’t. Apart from analyzing the whole event and turning leads into customers, you have one important task at hand. What might that be? Marketing the exhibition design booth.

But if the event is over, why would a company need to market the booth? The answer is pretty simple, to keep the event still fresh in the attendees’ minds. Since the attendees have visited hundreds of booths, they’re bound to forget yours or confuse your brand with someone else. 

Here are some strategies you in implement for your post-show marketing for your exhibition design booth

  • Creating Exhibition Content 

If there’s one thing you need to absolutely do after the exhibition is over, it is to create content related to it. This content will then be marketed to the attendees and other potential customers. 

Write a few blogs about the exhibition, your exhibition design booth, the experience and embed a few pictures in them. This will give the readers an in-depth look into what happened at the event. Later on, for the next exhibition, you can use this to market the event.

A picture is worth a thousand words, you can only imagine what a video can do. Create videos for your YouTube channel and social media to give the audience an inside look into the 3D exhibition stand

Keep in mind that these videos will be seen by people who weren’t present and other business professionals. So, a good way to make an impression is by focusing on the highlights of the event, from presentations, live demonstrations, speakers and so on.

  • Follow Up Messages

After the exhibition, send out thank-you messages to all the attendees that visited your exhibition design booth. Similarly, send out messages to the ones who didn’t turn up at the booth. 

With the thank-you messages, not only does your brand seem thoughtful and shows professionalism, but it also makes the attendees feel valued. Moreover, it shows that you’re appreciative of their time. 

On the other hand, sending messages to the ones who weren’t present shows that you cared about their absence. It is also a great way to update them on what happened by using the right CTA. Moreover, this can be an opportunity for your to turn them into leads. 

  • Email Marketing 

One of the most common ways to market your exhibition design booth is email marketing. Along with the follow-up messages, your marketing emails must roll out. But what should these emails communicate?

The main goal of marketing now is to create an impression among the attendees and remind them of your brand. To do so you can send out surveys and feedback forms, special offers exclusive to the mailer, an invitation to another event and so on. 

  • Social Media Post

If there’s one place you can reach thousands of people without moving it’s the internet and more importantly, it’s social media. From your target audience to attendees to customers to businesses, everyone is here.

So, the best way to market your business and show booth displays is by posting about it on social media. From videos to text posts, you can create a series of posts dedicated to the exhibition. 

Some things you can include in your feed is fair booth designs, attendees (with permission), event highlights, product displays and so on. 

  • Building Connections on LinkedIn

Apart from attendees, your exhibition design booth might be visited by some industry experts, business executives, clients and other important stakeholders. So, how do you continue and build on your professional relationship with these people?

Since it’s likely that they won’t remember you after the event, connecting with them on LinkedIn is a great way to maintain this relationship. With a personalised message, you can send them a connection request. 

In doing so, not only are you expanding your network, but you also come across as a company that is interested in forming a relationship. 

We hope this article helped you understand how you can market your exhibition design booth even after the exhibition is over. 

One thing to remember is that when it comes to exhibitions, is that it’s only over when you successfully manage to turn leads into customers. While marketing the modular stands before and during the exhibition is important, it’s important to understand that you need to make an impression among the attendees to increase sales. This is why you need to have an effective post-show marketing plan with plenty of recall value.

Tip of the Day: When creating your post-show marketing plan, make sure the time interval between each of the marketing strategies. This way, not only will you be able to increase your brand’s recall value, but also not overwhelm your leads with too much information and messages.

If you need assistance in building creative exhibition stands for upcoming exhibition events, look no further. At Expo Sol, our team of 50+ dedicated professionals with over a decade’s worth of experience will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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