Capture the attention of your prospects with right promotional activities

Engaging Ways To Promote Your Exhibition Right

Capture the attention of your prospects with the right promotional activities

If you show up at an exhibition and nobody visits your expo stand, you certainly won’t consider it successful. With numerous platforms and firms competing for attendee’s attention, it’s not easy simply to lead at the top, you need to be promoting your exhibition booth’s presence early and well in time. 

However does one know which right platforms and promoting channels are the best for your business? Several factors need to be decided before you market your brand for an occasion. These include budget, employee resources, and time.

Here are several sensible ways to promote your presence at an exhibition show this year.


With nearly a billion daily active users who spend around forty minutes on the social site, Facebook is that initial spot you need to be promoting your expo stand. The event can be promoted through a private account or a business page. 

Events promoted through a business page have additional insights and perks, as well as the flexibility to spice up or advertise the post.

If the event you’re attending incorporates a Facebook page, you’ll be able to tag it in your description for even additional exposure. You can also share updates leading up to the event through the “wall” of your event.

Since almost 581 million Facebook users are active on “mobile-only”, keep your updates mobile-friendly. Avoid sharing big-size files or PDFs which will be troublesome to open on a mobile device.


This micro-text social media platform is one of the foremost social sites and the simplest to connect with vendors and guests to your event before the gates open. Most events have a hashtag, or keyword, that connects you to the event’s posts. By following the hashtag, you’ll discover a novel audience to follow and communicate with.

Share your updates, as well as the hashtag in your message, thus sharing it with the niche audience. It is good for attracting participants to go visit you expo stand on the day of the event, which can set you ahead of others, and result in enhanced visiting traffic from users who can reach you once they arrive.


Known largely in professional circles, LinkedIn is also an effective tool for promoting your event. You’ll be able to leverage your professional connections and your company’s business page to induce the message out regarding your expo presence. 

First, share an update to share the news with those who are a part of your business page. You’ll be able to pin this update at the top of your business page, and encourage others to respond and comment, and pay to sponsor, or advertise. 

Your staff can share individual standing updates regarding their role within the expo, and target specific first-level connections with an immediate message. LinkedIn is good for professional conferences or B2B expos.


There’s a reason e-mail marketing has been around for almost 2 decades. Though there’s a fine line between informing enough and informing extra, a good e-mail marketing setup will do wonders for your pre-event promotions. 

Your e-mail blasts need to give a worthy proposition in a short statement that explains why attendees should visit your designer stand. Your list needs to be extremely targeted. You can ask the show organizers for the visitors’ list to target certain prospects. 

Finally, the e-mail needs to offer all the fine print of the event, like designer stall location and time. 

Send out emails with similar info a month before the event, and a minimum of once every week till the event. This will facilitate your business to keep top-of-mind for the event attendees.


Banner standees are still a key method for promoting your brand. For offline marketing, banner stands are one of the most versatile event items you’ll be able to purchase. 

First, they supply skillfulness and portability. They may be used on the ground of a sales outlet, in a workplace, or within the lobby of the event to direct attendees to your expo stand design. Second, banner stands may be designed with daring, obvious graphics, which may be a strong tool for promoting your event presence, rather than graphics on a screen.

With a combination of rising technology and old-school promoting techniques, attendees are going to be desperate to visit your fabricated stall and learn additional regarding your merchandise.

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