EMV 2022 – Every Thing You Need to Know

What is EMV?

The fast expansion in the number of technical goods that must be examined for electromagnetic compatibility has increased the demand for industry-wide exchange. The EMV has been Europe’s most important platform since 1988, and it alternates annually between Stuttgart and Cologne. This worldwide exhibition gives attendees the opportunity to network, obtain a complete insight into the market, and test out new products. A scientific conference takes occur in Cologne in addition to the practice-oriented seminars in Stuttgart. Participants’ daily work in the field of EMC is made easier by the varied choice of additional training courses available. The EMV addresses all aspects of electromagnetic compatibility and provides a forum for specialists to collaborate on creating a future free of interference.


  • Exhibitions, research conferences, and application-oriented workshops are all part of the programme.
  • Product presentations and short workshops are part of the exhibition forum.
  • events for networking: Speakers and a Get-Together, as well as a Committee and Speakers Evening Keynote Address,

When and Where is EMV 2022 Being Held?

The EMV 2022 will be hosted in Cologne, Germany, from March 15th to 17th, 2022. It is the electromagnetic compatibility expo, conference, and workshops (EMC).

Who Visits EMV 2022? 

More than 50 000 trade visitors have confirmed their attendance, including several bulk buyers and leading manufacturers, as well as about 150 exhibiting companies. EMV 2022 will showcase the most recent technological advancements, trends, and innovations.

Event Overview

The EMV 2022 will be placed in Cologne, Germany, from March 15th to 17th, 2022. It is the electromagnetic compatibility expo, conference, and workshops (EMC). The event’s topic for 2022 is “Creating a Compatible Future,” and it presents a complete overview of the newest products and advances in the area. It allows attendees to network with foreign exhibitors and brush up on their skills in hands-on sessions. The EMV’s events and highlights foster networking, with the goal of profiting from a professional exchange between specialists always in mind.

EMV has established itself as Europe’s top electromagnetic compatibility platform. In even-numbered years, in addition to the hands-on workshops, Cologne hosts a scientific conference in German or English. The participants’ day-to-day job in the EMC industry is made easier by the vast choice of additional training alternatives available. The conference covers all areas of electromagnetic compatibility and provides a dedicated venue for specialists to actively work toward a future free of interference.

Services and products

The topics covered in the expo, conference, and workshops span the complete spectrum of electromagnetic compatibility. At the EMV, products and services from the following categories will be covered:

  • Production of electronic components and assemblies
  • Technology that automates processes
  • Electronics for automobiles
  • Technology is what propels it forward
  • EMC for automobiles
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing
  • E-mobility
  • Protection from electrostatic discharge
  • Filters and components for filtering
  • Buildings and residences that are intelligent
  • Information and data technologies
  • Protection against lightning and overvoltage
  • Mechatronics
  • Services related to medical technology and others
  • Simulation of Shielding (software and institutes)
  • Telecommunication

What Can You Expect From EMV 2022?

Electronic production and assembly, EMC for vehicles, e-mobility, driving technologies, filters, mechatronics, EMC testing, IT and software services, and more will all be on display at the EMV 2022 showcase. The fair will highlight the most recent technology advances as well as their potential future applications. During the EMV dates, companies and experts from all around the world convene to increase their market knowledge and make new connections. A scholarly conference and practical workshops covering the entire spectrum of EMC concerns will be held in Cologne.

How to Register for EMV 2022?

Exhibitors can avail the information pertaining to reservation and registration for the event by clicking on the following link.


Visitors can avail the information pertaining to planning and registration for the event by clicking on the following link.


Conference and workshop attendees can avail the information with regard to the event and registration by clicking on the following link.


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Final Thoughts 

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