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Analyzing the theme and appearance of your best exhibition stands design concepts

For exhibition trade fairs and expos, trade fair stands are an essential marketing tool. Face-to-face meetings at trade displays give you an advantage over the competition in the digital era, and a well-designed eye-catching design stall is a certain method to start talks. Furthermore, your pop-up exhibition displays are a brand expansion. As a result, it should attract potential clients. This can be intimidating, but don’t be alarmed! Exposol has unrivalled experience in the design, production, and installation of award-winning exhibits.

The topic and final appearance of your best exhibition stands will be determined by the company’s brand standards and objectives. As a result, there is no sure-fire rule for executing winning fair booth designs. We are presenting you with the instructions that will assist you in meeting your goals. The factors listed below will be greatly influenced by the concept and appearance.

To make an appealing composition, a mixture of multiple and unique units work together. When it comes to trade show stands design and composition, your Conception De Stand follows the same basic guidelines. Every visual design element that goes into creating your unique event booth stand design should be understood. This way, you’ll be able to better manage your money and avoid falling for design tricks that don’t add much to the final appearance and feel.

  • Composition

The right and aesthetically acceptable positioning of objects is referred to as composition. Best exhibition stands design concepts follow the same premise. Make sure there is enough space between the objects and that they are not cluttered. Consider how simple it will be for attendees to see you and how much space they will have. Also, think about what each counter, showcase, and shelf is for.

Would it be more practical to place your seating near the entrance? Or would it be better if you sat in the rear near the open pantry?

Is it best to display prizes in front of the welcome desk? Or a back-of-the-house conference room?

Consider whether the items you’ve placed are serving their intended purpose. If not, consider tossing them out.

  • Luminescence / Lighting

Never rely only on the lighting provided by the performance organisers. Always have your own unique lighting setup in place so you can choose the mood and atmosphere you want to create for your show booth visitors. When it comes to portraying the specific subject of your exhibition space design, colour lighting does a fantastic job.

The colour

The colour palette of your best exhibition stands design will be determined by your brand requirements. There isn’t much room for innovation, and it’s also unnecessary. Simple Trade fair stands designs can be very effective. Additional colours may cause more clutter, lowering brand memory.

  • Graphics and Fonts

Font and graphics are utilised in trade show design at three critical visual moments to deliver a clear statement to the viewer. High branding, eye-level branding, and low-level branding are the three points.

High branding refers to the placement of your company’s name and logo. Even faraway viewers should be able to see this. Printing the brand name on a fascia header high up on the booth’s tallest wall is the ideal way to do this. However, you should consult the organizer’s rules to ensure that all standards are followed and that all connected costs.

  • Use of low level branding

When an attendee is up close to your show booth, Low-Level Branding is used. This is where you can include additional fascinating facts about your firm and go into greater detail about what your firm does. Although there is a lot of content in here, your exhibition graphics should still dominate the images to increase interest.

Your fonts should be consistent across all three visual points; the size can vary, but using more than two different fonts is strongly discouraged. Even with Low-Level Branding, keep the wording simple, concise, and to the point.

Attendees’ initial interest level will be limited because they will have to wade through a dozen trade booth displays during the presentation. It’s better for your brand if they don’t have to spend as much work figuring out your show booth. Rather than words, rely on exhibition graphics and images.

  • Floor coverings

This, too, is determined by the topic you wish to convey through your trade show stands design. Do you want to project a sterile, solemn, and professional image? Then laminate flooring is a better choice than carpeting. Flooring can improve the tactile aspect of your exhibition stand booth if it matches the tone you want to achieve. These platforms can also be used to hide all of the electrical wiring, freeing up space and minimising clutter.


To meet the requirement of an exhibition stand booth that is distinctive to your brand, all of these primary visual aspects are essential for your exhibition stand booth design ideas.


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