Every year, expos and fairs are visited by thousands of people from different backgrounds and sections of industries. 

Remember visitors at the show appreciate expo stalls that are alluring and compelling. 

But, to stamp your presence at every show, it is important to stand out from the crowd and create a memorable and positive first-impression.

Now, how do you this?

This is where you need a modular expo stall that is designed and built by top-notch modular exhibition stand builders.

Investing in a modular exhibition stand designed and built by modular exhibition stand builders can be a game-changer in many ways.

It offers immense flexibility and can be fine-tuned and customized to suit any requirement and situation, with sections of it added or removed to make it stand larger or smaller, based on the size of the exhibit space. Besides, the layout can be changed to cater to the requirements of different events and adapted to any situation. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and disassemble; pack, and transport.  


A modular exhibition stand refers to a display stand made-up of different components that fit together to culminate in a complete modular exhibition stand. It comes in a diverse range of designs and sizes with prefabricated parts that will make the task of installation, and dismantling, easy and swift.


As among the leading modular exhibition stand builders, SOL GmbH understands that your expo stand should be unique, visually appealing, and practical. Accordingly, the company’s team of highly skilled design team takes into account all aspects of your exhibition stand’s functionality; and ensure that its portable, easy to assemble and dismantle, and even reconfigurable, if required.


SOL GmbH follows a meticulous and professional working approach. Based on the customer’s requirements and inputs as well as customer’s brand image, the team will create and present striking design concepts in 3D.

  • Customer sends sketch of the modular exhibition stand with ideas for its layout, structure, shape, etc. This is followed by discussions on the best options around exhibiting.
  • SOL’s exhibition stand designers will provide a full mock-up drawing of how the modular exhibition stand will look, in a digital 3D CAD format, within a couple of days.
  • Feedback from the customer. This will touch upon new ideas, if any around how the stall should look. Accordingly, changes are done at the design stage.
  • Final design presented to customer after changes are done. This will give a fairly accurate picture of how the modular exhibition stand will look.

With its years of expertise and knowledge, SOL GmbH will work to design and build a creative modular exhibition stand that is suited to the customer’s needs; maximize the customer’s exhibition ROI; and provide the best value for money.


When you choose SOL GmBH’s modular exhibition stand for your next event, you stand to harvest the following benefits.


At SOL GmbH, every modular exhibition stand is given a stylish edge with unique customization that can be adapted to various dimensions, to perfectly reflect your brand profile and image.

With SOL GmbH’s team of designers and visualizes, the creative possibilities are endless. Your exhibition stand can not only be tailored with your brand graphics, colors, and textures to give a clear and clean bespoke look to it sans the high price point, but also can be done so with a mix of personalized printed graphics, accessories and stand furniture, audio and visual equipment, and in-built LED lighting panels. The whole process is done in a way to ensure that the additional add-ons provide the customers a memorable interaction experience.

Aside from this, SOL GmbH’s team can also use different angles and styles of the exhibition stand layout to create visually appealing stall installations that will catch the attention of passers-by and lure them towards your exhibition stand. Additionally, the exhibition stand can also be made to adapt to changing space dimensions.

Whatever be the size of your exhibition stand space, big or small, the modular exhibition stand from SOL GmbH is customized to fit into the given space dimension. If required, additional sections can be added to or removed from the exhibition stand to accommodate your brand’s footprint changes from one exhibition show to another expo show.


A modular exhibition stand structure is generally designed with flexibility in mind. As a result, it can take several design forms and also incorporate all of the expo needs an exhibitor may have over the foreseeable future. Like for example, counters or a private meeting area with furniture. They complement the exhibiting goals that brands look to achieve.

By leveraging SOL GmbH’s creative abilities, you can get a modular exhibition stand that 

  • Has a unique identity tailored to your specific needs, thereby allowing you to showcase your products/services in the most effective way.
  • Comes with a visually stunning and functional design that stands out from the crowd; leaves a lasting impression on the audience; and ensues your brand gets the attention it deserves. 
  • Offers flexibility with the option of furnishing it in a number of different ways; and ensure ease of installation for hassle-free expo experience.
  • Maximizes your presence at the show with impressive graphics and artwork to grab attention; uses lighting to enhance the stall display; and offers a receptive and functional space to create a congenial environment.
  • Ensures hassle-free exhibiting; all aspects of production are internalized to the highest industry standards. This ensures quick changes or revisions are done immediately.  

Aside from the above, you stand to leverage to the maximum SOL’s resources and capabilities in terms of installation, transportation, storage, and maintenance. All of these will help to guarantee a streamlined process. Better still, if you consider all of these features at the exhibition stand design stage, you stand to gain the benefit of ultimate flexibility for your exhibition stand over time.


When it comes to flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances and trends, nothing can beat modular exhibition stands.

Generally, each exhibition show has its own space and layout rules. By opting for a modular exhibition stand, you can get the layout for each new expo venue tweaked so as to ensure that the modular stall works well within the available display space. Whether, you’re looking to add more graphic panels or AV accessories or an inflatable display; or wanting to get rid of parts of backdrop, a modular exhibition stand can easily and flexibly adapt to the changing needs 

Modular exhibition stands from SOL are designed in a way that allows them to 

  • Be easily reconfigured as and when required; and the stall’s components easily adapted to varied layout spaces.
  • Be easily broken down into smaller and more manageable components that can be packed and stuffed into compact bundles. This will make it easy for smaller exhibition stand designs to be transported in storage bags or cases in a vehicle like car on own, between exhibition shows.
  • Easily add graphics to the display without having to change your choice of expo every year. This way, you can reenergize audiences’ interest in your brand each time you showcase at a show. All of it without having to spend more money.
  • Easily replace a single section of the display without having to alter other aspects of the display in any way.  You can even change the whole display as well. This will help you to save on money and what more, you can also easily add new tech elements without needing to replace the whole stall infrastructure.  

A modular exhibition stand can not only adapt to changing situations but can also be reused again and again.

If you are planning to reuse your modular exhibition stand, then with SOL GmbH, you can 

  • Get the benefit of a cost-effective and sustainable stall solution in the form of durable modular stall kits that can last for years. This will save you valuable time and precious money.
  • Give a new look to your modular exhibition stand in the form of a better design that will have a significant impact on your audience. The experienced team of stall designers at SOL will bring to your project their vast knowledge and immense experience to create stunning modular exhibition stand redesigns that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Whether you are showcasing your products or promoting your brand, SOL’s modular stall redesigns are tailored to not just meet your needs but also to transform your vision into reality and captivate your target-audience. Investing in a SOL’s modular exhibition stand will not only help you to put up an eye-catching display but also extract rich value for your money.


A modular exhibition stand project can get complicated at times as a result of which things might go wrong. To maintain a proper check on the same, effective project management is essential.

This is where SOL GmbH’s project management helps. 

Under SOL’s project management, a dedicated project manager will work alongside your team from the start of the project to its finish. As a bridge between two teams, the project manager will oversee the whole of the stall design and build process, from stall design concept creation to stall design set-up, and logistics. Throughout the project, the project manager will work to ensure that all the parties to the project maintain effective proper communication; and are on the same page working in harmony.

The project manager will also keep the customer well-informed about the progress of the project; and also answer any queries that are posed by the customer.


A modular exhibition stand is the perfect choice if you are exhibiting with tight budget constraints. Without needing to invest much, you stand to benefit from an effective redesign that can fetch you a higher ROI.

With a SOL modular exhibition stand, you can 

  • Adapt it to fit in with different spaces at different exhibition shows. This way, you will be able to maximize the potential of your modular exhibition stand; and over time, get much more use of your modular exhibition stand.  
  • Reconfigure your modular exhibition stand to use the space usefully. Besides, you will also be to maintain consistency with your branding thereby sustaining the integrity of your brand image.  
  • Get the benefit of high quality and cost-effective dryage and storage which will help you to save on money. The money saved can be used for other purposes relevant to your modular stall. Like for instance, spend on other accessories that can be added to your modular stall to make it more enchanting. 

Additionally, the effectiveness and versatility of SOL’s modular exhibition stand will require less maintenance cost while at the same time allowing you to use the stall any number of times you want with minimal of upkeep.


Investing in a SOL’s modular exhibition stand is a cost-effective way to invest in the future exhibiting success of your brand. 

Thanks to SOL’s proven capabilities, you can 

  • Use the modular exhibition stand repeatedly in different exhibition shows to promote your brand.
  • Get the benefit of a consistent stall look for your brand at different exhibition shows. 

Overall, with SOL GmbH you get cost-effective ways to alter the look of your modular exhibition stand to cater to your requirements at future exhibition shows.


When you choose SOL modular exhibition stand for your next event, you get a source that is rated among the best exhibition modular stand builders in the marketplace. 

There is something to suit everyone’s budget. Besides, the modular exhibition stands are available in a variety of different layouts and sizes, at a very competitive price. 


There is no doubt that expos and fairs offer a fabulous opportunity to present and promote your business to a mature and enlightened audience. 

However, it should be understood that participation in expos and fairs entails a significant amount of money and resources; efforts; and time. This means, you need to plan your moves wisely and carefully; and be judicious with your finances and resources unless your company happens to be an affluent one.

At the same time, you also need to maximize your return on investment. This will require you to invest in the appropriate exhibition stand that works best for your specific requirement and also syncs spontaneously with your audience’s aspirations and expectations

There are three popular exhibition stand options; modular exhibition stand, custom-built stand; and hybrid stand. 

Although all the three offer their own brand of merits,  modular exhibition stand makes for the best choice as it combines the best of a custom-built stand and hybrid stand

Now, when you have a modular exhibition stand conceived and designed by the best of modular exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH, you get to have a game changer.


A modular exhibition stand comprises of components that are pre-engineered to form a self-sufficient system; and can be upscaled or downsized in line with specific requirements. The best thing about a modular exhibition stand is it can be morphed into different exhibition stand designs; and can also be designed to fit together in a variety of differing combinations to form a complete exhibition stand.

What makes it so good compared to other categories of exhibition stands is it can be supplied in a variety of ‘off the shelf’ stands in specific shapes and heights, with the graphics printed to your specific requirements. Aside from this, custom sizes ad configurations can also be provided.

If you are looking to enhance your presence at the expo show to the ‘next level’, then modular exhibition stand should be your choice.


When it comes to top modular exhibition stand builders, SOL GmbH is in a league of its own. 

With SOL GmbH, it is not just about stand build and design but also about bringing ideas to life and transforming them into real life works that help businesses to connect with their audiences in ways that count and discover opportunities that matter.

Besides, it’s complete dedication to delivering a unique experience throughout the work process; and vast experience across a wide array of sectors and industries, allied with a refreshing approach, sets it apart from its competitors in the marketplace. Eventually, you get a modular exhibition stand that will outshine your direct competitors


By opting for a modular exhibition stand, you stand to extract the following benefits.


Your exhibition stand should make people stop in their tracks and grab their attention.

For that you need to have a great looking stand.

This is where having a Modular Exhibition Stand helps.

A modular exhibition stand will give your display a unique aura to set your brand apart from the crowd at the show.

Hiring the best of modular exhibition stand builders, SOL GmbH will help you to choose the right type of modular exhibition stand that  

  • Is made up of pre-designed components which can be configured in different ways.
  • Is simple with high quality graphics and images to create visual impact. There will be no overcrowding of excess products or information. Instead, the stand will focus on highlighting your key products/services in a simple way.
  • Combines the best of brand colors, logos and messaging consistently throughout the stand. This will help to reinforce your brand identity and give the stand a unique appearance. 
  • Makes the best use of additional elements like lighting, and signage with effective use of digital technology or interactive displays to engage the visitors and provide them a memorable experience. This will help to bring your brand to life at the show.  
  • Makes the most of your space at the exhibition show venue. The modular exhibition stand will be built and designed in a way that uses your stand space effectively; and focuses on facilitating a hassle-free visitor flow through the stand space.
  • Is reusable, versatile, and can be easily customized.

Eventually, the modular exhibition stand will present a professional appearance; deliver maximum visual impact and grab eyeballs; and spontaneously draw the visitors into your booth.


When compared to a custom exhibition stand, a modular exhibition stand is easy, simple, and quick to set-up.

Based on the stand’s complexity, you need to hire professional installers including carpenters, electricians, and painters to set-up a custom exhibition stand design. 

You also need to pay for its storage and logistics costs, as you will not be able to store large wall panels and structure in your own storage space unless you happen to have a really big storage space.

On the other hand, no tools are required to set-up a modular exhibition stand. This means, there will be no need to bring your toolbox to the exhibition show to set it up. When you don’t need to bring it, there will be no need for any kind of hammering or welding. 

Each modular exhibition system will have its own unique method to connect the parts together. Besides the parts can be packed into portable carry-bags which will make the task of transporting the exhibition stand to the exhibition show venue easy and comfortable. You can transport it on own which will help you to save on transportation costs. 

A modular exhibition stand is also easy to store. Also, you need not have to pay for its storage as well as logistics. 


When you opt for a modular exhibition stand, you can get the stand customized to suit any booth size; and the flexibility to exhibit at different exhibition shows with different booth sizes. 

This means the same exhibition stand can be exhibited at different expo shows whatever the size of the booth be; something that will benefit you tremendously if you happen to exhibit at more than one exhibition show in the calendar year. You will only need to bring the right amount of stand parts to the exhibition show to build the exhibition stand. In case, you happen to have insufficient parts for a larger booth space, you don’t need to buy a new exhibition stand, and instead, can buy the stand parts from the best of modular exhibition stand builders hired by your company. 

Besides, a modular exhibition stand is designed to be ‘self-built’ and scalable. Furthermore, the modularity of the modular exhibition stand makes it easy to assemble. All you need to do is to check whether the modular exhibition stand builder is promoting the specific product as a ‘self-build’ exhibition stand.

However, if the modular exhibition stand is bigger and more complex, it is more likely a build-team will be required to help assemble it. But that will not be a problem if you hire a professional modular exhibition stand builder like SOL GmbH. The builder will provide training for larger, more complex modular self-build exhibition stands with the reassurance of hassle-free assembly. 

To stay safe, check to see if the stand offered by the modular exhibition stand builder is larger. This will help you to make an informed decision. 

When you buy it from SOL GmbH, you will get the benefit of a modular exhibition stand that can be assembled in different ways, based on the display. 


A modular exhibition stand is not only flexible but is also completely reusable. It is this ability to adapt to and be reused in any situation, and circumstances that makes it so versatile. 

Now, if you have an exhibition stand with graphics that are still relevant, you can still reuse it by rebuilding your stand in the new venue.

Similarly, if you have a modular exhibition stand that uses fabric graphics, you can reuse it even if the fabric gets dirty from marks or spills. All you need to do is to machine wash the fabric and then iron it in cool settings without the risk of the fabric colors fading in any manner. This is made possible due to the high-quality print process involved in the fabric manufacture, called dye-sublimation.

Even where you opt for new graphics, you can do so after purchasing them separately. This will help to reduce the cost of rebranding your stand display.

As your business grows, you can likewise build on the capabilities of the modular exhibition stand instead of going outright for a new modular exhibition stand. All you need to do is to buy the additional structure and new graphics, for the same stand and reuse the same stand.

Whether the modular exhibition stands are s big or small, they are all designed for reconfigrability. Overall, they are a great choice for any occasion. 


A modular exhibition stand is not only reasonable priced but also offers an ROI that is much higher from a cost point of view.

When compared to a custom exhibition stand, what makes a modular exhibition stand reasonably priced is its parts are made in bulk. It is this aspect that allows it to extract a much higher ROI from a cost-point-of-view. On the other hand, each component of a custom exhibition stand needs to be manufactured separately based on the stand’s design.

When you look to choose a modular exhibition stand, make sure to choose a custom modular exhibition stand. It not only makes for an affordable and economical option to represent your brand at different exhibition shows but will also allow you to exhibit more at each exhibition show without needing to buy a new custom exhibition stand each time. This will save you precious time, efforts, and money.

By hiring SOL GmbH, among the best modular exhibition stand builders, you benefit from a modular exhibition stand that not only looks good but also provides the benefits of exciting features that generates relevant conversations among the audience, and keeps your target-audience coming back.

SOL GmbH’s team of designers can include in your custom modular exhibition stand additional features like immersive and interactive technology like VR/AR, interactive touch-points; competitions and games; relaxation areas with food and drink; etc. All of these will not only reflect your expo goals but will also help to encourage more informal conversations among the people.


Whether your modular exhibition stand is big or small, SOL GmbH’s team of designers will take your essential considerations into account. 

Ultimately, you get to have a modular exhibition stand that spontaneously initiates informal conversations among the audience; and showcase itself to be a different breed from that of your competitors.


Participating in expos or fairs gives you a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the right audience that matters; spread brand awareness; attract new clients into your fold; and finally earn more sales to increase your revenue moving forward.

You also get a great opportunity to come face-to-face with the right people thereby offering the chance to answer their queries, on the spot. Furthermore, you also get the chance to understand their interests, preferences, and tastes. This way, you can forge relationships with them and eventually, gain new leads.

But at the same time, you need to realize that you will be up against your competitors and get to witness at close hand, the competitive nature of expos and fairs. Each company will be working to attract the same audience as you are.

So, how do you stand out in such a situation?

You need an exhibition stand that is unique and designed by professionals from the best of modular exhibition stand builders like SOL GmBH. 

This will help you to make an impact and market your brand, going forward.


Among the leading modular exhibition stand builders for over a decade, SOL GmbH has vast experience and abundance of skills to not only design and build the exhibition stand of your expectations but to also stay as your most reliable exhibition partner in India and abroad, in the long-term.

For over a decade now, SOL GmbH, with HQ in Mumbai, India, and offices in Europe and USA, has been designing, manufacturing, and installing exhibition stands for different clients taking part in industry-leading expos and fairs in different venues across India and abroad.

Whether it’s a custom exhibition stand or a modular exhibition stand, SOL offers a complete and comprehensive range of exhibition-related services from designing to installation and dismantling, and more. As a client, you just need to explore the catalogue of designs to refresh and reuse your stand time and again; or go for an outright new one with a unique customized design that reflects your brand persona.

By leveraging the wide-ranging skills of SOL GmbH, you can maximize your presence with one-of-a-kind exhibition stand that grabs attention; and creates a congenial and functional business-generating space.

With its extensive experience and knowledge of the exhibition industry, you can stay assured that your stand, whether modular or custom, is in safe hands.


To understand what makes a modular exhibition stand different from a custom exhibition stand, and what’s the best option for you, read on to know them. 


A modular exhibition stand is built with standardized design specifications. It is constructed from metal, mostly aluminum, extrusions that are slotted together to create frames which later interlocked to form structures. The frames and structures are then infused with graphics to create meeting rooms, towers, and wall.

Built generally for reconstruction, they can be re-built and adapted to cater to specific requirements; and also easily assembled and disassembled. The finished stand can be customized to the desired layout, shape, or size.

On the other hand, a custom exhibition stand is purpose-built around with a specific theme in mind to cater to your needs. Every component of the stand is crafted and made for your brand; and designed and manufactured in line with your specifications. It will also be built to the exact size and layout requirements of your stand space at the show. If done accordingly, it will beautifully convey your company profile and ethos; and showcase your unique offering in a creative and eye-catching manner.

Between the two, a custom exhibition stand is more durable and robust as it is made with heavy materials like metals and wood. On the other hand, a modular exhibition stand is lightweight making it comfortable and easy to carry and transport between events.


If you are looking to exhibit at several expo shows in a year; OR want your stand to get noticed amidst a sea of exhibition stands in a crowded expo environs; and seek the desired flexibility to change the stand’s design and structure, then custom exhibition stand is the way to go.

It offers tremendous flexibility in terms of design. You can create the stand design in a way that is something truly unique and certain to grab people’s attention; generate the biggest impact at the expo show; and get your brand noticed. This can be especially advantageous in a busy exhibition environment where the competition will be tough and exhibitors will be vying with each other to catch the audience’s eye.  With a custom exhibition stand, you can create a design that is different, distinct, and unique, and when you make it eye-catching as well, you will have s show-stopper that will be the talk of the exhibition show.

A modular exhibition stand on the other hand, does not offer total flexibility. This means you will stay confined to a specific design which is allowed by the stand system. Besides, there are some categories of finished modular stand systems that can be identical in many ways to other stands. This will affect your brand at the exhibition if some companies exhibiting next to you have the same kind of stand.  Due to this factor, a modular exhibition stand can be less attractive and cannot make the same kind of impact as a custom exhibition stand does. 

However, a modular exhibition stand offers excellent structural versatility and allows you to use various graphical applications. This makes it possible to create a high impact, visually appealing modular exhibition stand; and also make it look like a custom exhibition stand; all of it at a fraction of the cost and in half the time.

To make it happen, it is advisable to hire the services of the appropriate designers from the best modular exhibition stand builders like SOL GmBH capable of making the most out of your modular exhibition stand.


When you opt for a modular exhibition stand, you can use it for different events without needing to go for an altogether new modular exhibition stand.

The modular element of the stand will

  • Give you the option to add or remove or reconfigure stand components. This means the stand can be reconfigured to meet the requirements of different events and floor spaces. Once you have bought the components for your modular exhibition stand, you can use the stand for as long as you like. The more you use it, the more money you get to save between each exhibition show.
  • Allow you to add graphics to it and reconfigure to create a whole new exhibition stand look. All of it without the need to change the stand or opt altogether for a new modular exhibition stand for every exhibition in the year. This way, you can maintain the charm of your stand and sustain visitors’ interest in your brand in every exhibition show you participate in, without needing to spend more money.

A great majority of modular exhibition stand comprises of a lightweight aluminum frame and infill panels. This will enable you to include your messaging.

On the other hand, though a custom exhibition stand by definition is considered to be more flexible than a modular exhibition stand, its displays cannot be reconfigured to match real-time changes in the floor plan on an expo hall. Moreover, if you are exhibiting in different sized spaces in different shows, it can be difficult to adapt to the various sized spaces.

However, a well-designed custom exhibition stand allows for some amount of reconfiguration, to give the stand a fresh layout and look for each exhibition show; and also ensure that it can be reused for different size stand spaces.


With climate change threat real and looming large, companies and industries across the globe too have realized the need to adopt sustainable practices. Most of them already have short and long-term plans in place to reduce carbon footprint in order to protect the planet.

Similarly, there are considerable environmental costs associated with major expos and fairs, resulting from the materials used to waste generated, travelling, transportation, and more.  

Nevertheless, exhibitors can adopt plenty of measures to make their exhibition stand sustainable; and friendlier to the environment. From hiring an exhibition stand (opting for a modular exhibition stand) to carefully considering lighting options, flooring materials; and promotional giveaways; and more, you can drastically reduce carbon footprint. 

Together, by jointly working to contribute sustainable efforts, the exhibitors can help to reduce the drastic impact on the environment as well as their carbon footprint.

Exhibitors can opt for hire or reusable stand solutions. As a reusable, reconfigurable, and recyclable solution, modular exhibition stands are more environment-friendly. They can be reused any number of times without the need to go for a new modular stand. This will help to reduce the amount of waste produced thereby eliminating the ‘build and burn’ concept of custom exhibition stands.

A modular exhibition stand can also be dismantled quickly while at the same time preserving the stand framework for use at other events. You just need to change the graphics or alter the design with module additions; and make an old exhibition stand feel and look like a completely new exhibition stand. This way, you will be able to save a lot of efforts that comes with redesigning the stand or purchasing a new stand.

On the other hand, custom exhibition stands are most of the time disposed off after just a single use. The main reason for this is a great majority of the stands are3 generally made of wood or other materials as a result of which they will be suitable for only a single use. When the exhibition gets over, the stand panels (they are either glued or nailed together and don’t come apart easily) need to be destroyed. This makes them not only bad for the environment but also expensive. 

However, if you hire a professional exhibition stand builder, you can get a custom exhibition stand created with reusable and recyclable materials. This will ensure that the waste does not end up in landfills.


If you want a stand that offers ease of use, transportation, and storage, then make modular exhibition stand your choice.

Modular stand components can be broken down into their constituent parts and reused time and time again at different events and by different clients. On the other hand, most custom exhibition stand parts do not break down into small enough pieces to be carried around or transported. 

All of these makes a modular exhibition stand far easier when compared to a custom stand to take up and down or carry around or move quickly from one place to place and from different floor plan to floor plan. You can also transport a modular exhibition stand much more easily than a custom stand.  

Thus, modular exhibition stands are not only a cost-effective solution but they also provide a fabulous return on investment when compared to single use stands.


Talking about costs, modular exhibition stands is more affordable than custom stands. However, both offer quality value for your money in the long run in different ways.

Modular exhibition stands 

  • Are inexpensive to repair and upgrade, as you need not invest in an entirely new stand system of parts. Instead, you only need to replace individual components. 
  • By and large uses fabric graphics which is a cost-effective visual communication tool that allows it to be transformed to display brand-specific color schemes, product information, logos and messages, all of it without needing to spend more money. 
  • Are easy to transport between events as their components can be dismantled at the end of the exhibition show before being packed into smaller vehicles or storage facilities. On the other hand, custom stands being pre-built structures are logistically difficult as well as expensive; and not to forget, environmentally unfriendly.

Custom exhibition stands 

  • Offer better return on the investment (returns can generally be expected by the third exhibition) in the long run. Exhibitors looking for a completely new design for each exhibition show will find it a great solution as it allows total flexibility. 
  • Saves you money on dryage and storage. The money thus saved can be spent on other accessories for the stand and move the entire display forward.
  • Include everything thereby making them more affordable in the long run. The stand will have the design and build along with lighting, interactive displays, and more. With a custom exhibition stand, you are quoted one price for everything compared to traditional stands where you will be required to buy everything separately.

Although you will need to pay the initial cost more for the custom stand’s design, manufacture, and installation, you can have the stand later as your own while continuing to make more impact in the expos you participate in; attract new customers’, and generate more sales.


Both modular exhibition stands and custom exhibition stands have their own brand of merits and demerits. 

However, by hiring SOL GmbH, among the best modular exhibition stand builders, you can capitalize on the merits of whatever stand you opt for; and get an exhibition stand built and designed to portray your brand in the most effective manner and reap manifold benefits that will give you healthy ROI.

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