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Tradeshows are the key to business for small, medium and large corporations. Our trade show booth rental solutions are designed with modularity and are lightweight so that we can make multiple design options with these structures and can work around short built-up times. We have booth rentals that cover all standard booth sizes in USA and fit all kinds of marketing budgets. Our display rentals have 2 categories: standard display rentals and customized display rentals. So if you have a special product or a new product launch then you can customize your display.


EU137 - 006-10x8-AM-EU-210

EU136 - 005-10x8-AM-EU-209

EU135 - 004-10x8-AM-EU-208

EU134 - 003-10x8-RM-EU-235

EU133 - 002-10x8-RM-EU-234

EU132 - 001-10x8-RM-EU-233


Product display stands for exhibition


In the case of multiple trade shows in various locations we can warehouse the booth and can reinstall it as per your trade show calendar.

Product display stands for exhibition


Rental booths have low impact on the environment as they are made from modular, reusable systems. They are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Product display stands for exhibition

Ready to Design

The rental booths are equipped with all the basic requirements and are a plug and play system. This saves a lot of your time and efforts.

Product display stands for exhibition

Experienced & Skilled Team

Rental booths enable you to choose from various options as per your budget. You can add, remove or even customize certain elements.

Product display stands for exhibition

Prompt & Professional Support

Right from the installation to dismantling of the booth, the entire end to end process is handled by our skilled craftsmen and technicians.


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