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Make Your Event App Successful with These 4 Key Analytics

Make Your Event App Successful with These 4 Key Analytics

In today’s world, the attendees are generally glued to their smartphones. So to capture their attention and increase attendee engagement, smart event organizers have come up with event apps to increase the event value. Creating a truly impactful experience for the visitors starts with these simple steps.

Here are some tips on how to make your event app successful:

  • Start Early

Before the event begins, send an email to all the attendees and exhibitors about the launch of the event app. This will create awareness about the app and people will look forward to it. 

Ask them to download the app, and before the event begins, ask them some questions like why are they interested in this event, what are they looking forwards to and sp on. It will make the whole process even more engaging.

  • Encouraging People to Download

Providing free wifi with passkeys can be a great method to encourage them to download the event app. At the registration table, while giving them the pass key ask them to download the event app. By doing so, more and more people will download it.

  • Contests and Games

Leveraging games and contests within the app is a great way to jumpstart activity. For example, you can give a prize to attendees who check-in at every exhibition services stand or enter attendees into a raffle if they leave five or more ratings or three survey completions.

Last but not least, encourage speakers and exhibitors to become advocates for the app. Ask the keynote to pose a question that attendees can answer via the app. 

Encourage exhibitors to give freebies to people that check in to their exhibition services stall location. Not only does it help app adoption among attendees, but it opens up the conversation to all event stakeholders.

Following these steps will make sure your event app is a successful venture from your side and people are likely to enjoy such a lovely experience. While brands will do everything in their power to promote their innovative booth design, the event organizers also need to work towards attracting attendees.

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