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JEC World: Everything You Need to Know About

What is JEC World?

The only global expo event dedicated to composite materials and applications is JEC World. JEC World is the industry’s largest annual event, taking place in Paris and bringing together all of the major players in a spirit of innovation, business, and networking. Hundreds of product releases, awards ceremonies, competitions, conferences, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities are all part of JEC World, which has evolved into a composites festival and “think tank.” All of these components combine to make JEC World a global business, exploration, and inspiring event.

Where is JEC World 2022 Being Held? 

Due to the current circumstances, JEC World will also be available online, via the JEC World Connect platform, from March 8 to 10, giving attendees the option to visit exhibitors’ digital booths, talk with one another, and watch the whole event programme live and on-demand.

Who will attend JEC World 2022?

JEC 2022 is projected to attract over 43,000 professionals. Representatives from all composites application industries, specialists from the scientific and academic worlds, top-level decision-makers, and buyers are among the trade visitors.

Why Do You Need to Attend JEC World 2022?
  • Connect with buyers and decision-makers from all end-user markets to broaden your exposure.
  • With 43,500+ participants from 112 countries, you can expand your network and increase sales.
  • Showcase your ideas, broaden your knowledge, and be inspired.

Our lives and future are being shaped by composites. Visit JEC World, the greatest international platform that brings the whole composites community together, to learn about the unlimited possibilities of composites, from materials to processes to products.

In addition, due to the current scenario, you will be able to visit the show via our digital platform, JEC World Connect, where all exhibitors will have a digital booth, can be contacted online during the event, and you will be able to watch the entire programme live-streamed. All of your information may be accessed in your personal area.

Discover the endless applications and benefits of composites

  • Lightweighting 
  • Design, Freedom, Aesthetics & Flexibility 
  • Resistance and Resilience 
  • Strength and Stiffness
  • Part Count Reduction and Functions Integration
  • Hybridization and bonding with other materials. 
At JEC World 2022 you will be able to find solutions and innovations for all the markets.
  • Automotive & Road Transportation,
  • Aerospace 
  • Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure 
  • Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding 
  • Building & Civil Engineering 
  • Equipment & Machinery 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Pipe & Tanks, Water Treatment & Sewerage 
  • Defense, Security & Ballistics 
  • Electrical, Electronics, Telecoms and Appliances 
  • Medical & Prosthetics 
  • Sports, Leisure & Recreation (excluding Maritime) 
  • Design, Furniture & Home

JEC provides you with the following relationship-marketing tools:

  • Get to know the worldwide composites industry and its forty distinct business segments.
  • Strengthen your position as a major player in the market.
  • Participate in the Show’s high-tech programmes with your company.
  • Meet and select your prospective business partners.
  • On the Show, plan your public relations initiatives.

Event Details 

JEC World creates a thought-provoking conference programme in two dedicated Agora conference rooms (Hall 5 and Hall 6), which is also live-streamed via JEC World Connect, to assist attendees to solve the primary problems and harnessing significant trends impacting the future of the international Composites industry.

During four dedicated conferences, JEC World brings together the world’s top Composites executives and engineers from across the value chain to share their views on critical problems influencing the global Composites business, as well as the theme “Composites for a Sustainable World.”

A skillfully curated curriculum gives a complete toolkit to understand the future of the business and capture unique opportunities, from spotlighting new composites markets around the world to analyzing new materials, products, and processes.


  • Sessions Held By

Leading composites sector businesses will host a series of exclusive conferences.

  • Exchange of Composites

Specific products, solutions, and business cases are displayed.

  • On Stage Country

Learn about the structure and strengths of individual countries’ composites industries.

  • Conferences

Conferences focus on a specific industry segment, bringing the latest market developments, trends, and innovations.


  • Startup Booster

The world’s most prestigious startup challenge for composites and advanced materials

  • Awards for Innovation

A celebration of the most creative composite projects from around the world, as well as successful collaborations amongst value chain stakeholders.

  • Innovation Planets 

Solution-focused places where major OEMs and suppliers may learn about the best applications and current market trends.

How to Register? 

To attend the event, visitors need to register using the given link

You can avail further information with regard to the event by clicking on the given link

If you’re planning to exhibit at the expo, make sure to promote your booth before and during the event. As a result, a growing number of individuals will be aware of your brand’s presence on the exhibition floor. You will boost the number of people who visit your booth as a result of this.

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