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How to Make the Most of Portable Exhibition Booths and Pop-Up Displays for Expo

In a range of sizes, pop-up booth displays design for expo, portable exhibition stand booths with pop-up graphics for your expo displays are available.

pop-up booth displays design will produce an eye-catching and seamless graphic show to meet your needs, regardless of the size of your exhibition space.

The images on the popup display for expo can be simply altered, and banner stands can be added to give your display booth a new look for each expo you visit at a low cost.

They are an economical solution for any firm considering purchasing its own display booth because they are lightweight, sturdy, and movable.

What Are the Advantages of Using Pop-Up Displays for expo?

  • The display system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the Exhibition space and position you’ve selected.
  • It is possible to modify the graphics without having to purchase a costly new display system.
  • Transporting a pop-up display booth is not difficult. It is small enough to be assembled by one person.
  • A pop-up display booth is more durable than placing many Banner Stands together to fill the same space. Make the most of your booth area by utilising any extra space with roller banner stands, X banner stands, and/or teardrop banners.

Choosing a Location for Your Exhibit Booth

Your portable exhibition booth can be set up in a variety of ways, such as on the left or right corner, or altered to accommodate a longer, shallower stand space if necessary.

When hiring a booth at an exhibition or expo, the location you choose inside the exhibition must be carefully considered in order to maximise the impact and effect of your booth.

Request a floorplan of the exhibition, including information on the remaining booth spaces.

One intriguing fact I’ve seen over the years is that 90% of all visitors to exhibitions enter the exhibition on the left side. This means that when they are the most exhausted, they will visit the booths on the right-hand side of the show last.

Select your position with care. The choice of portable exhibition booth location is, in my opinion, the most crucial factor for an aspiring exhibitor to consider.

Take the following into consideration:-

  • Main thoroughfares, routes to restrooms, restaurants, and other areas are likely to be the busiest.
  • When entering an exhibition, most visitors turn to their left but keep in mind that everyone requires a few moments to ‘acclimate’ when they first walk in. As a result, people frequently stroll right past booths just inside the entry while clipping on their badges, perusing the catalogue, and so on.
  • Take the organisers’ recommendations; it is in their best interests to locate you a suitable site for your booth.
  • If the location you want is currently listed as a vacant 6m x 3m space but you just need a 3m x 3m, don’t be hesitant to ask; organisers may be able to split the space into two to accommodate you.
  • It will be simple to change the configuration of your pop up display to make the greatest use of the area once you have chosen the location and booth size.
One person can put up pop-up displays for expo

Compact pop-up displays for expo, complete with graphics, can be transported in a wheeled case or cases.

All pop-up displays for expo can be set up and taken down without the need for any tools. The base stand allows you to add extra panels and accessories as needed.

Roller banner stands can be a low-cost way to draw attention to a special offer or promotion that is only accessible during a specific expo or expo.

If one person of staff can bring the complete pop up displays for expo in the back of a car and set up the entire display stand without hiring contractors, there are significant cost savings. Take a look at the video below to see how quick and easy it is to set up a basic pop-up graphic backdrop.

Maximizing the Graphics’ Effectiveness

The following are the golden rules for your show booth:

  • It should be easily visible from a distance (it should stand out among the other booths at the show).
  • It should be as open as possible, ideally in a corner position with two open sides.
  • The aisle in front of your stand should be broad to avoid ‘bottlenecks’ when people are inspecting it.
  • After you’ve gone over the golden rules, take another look at the exhibition floor plan and evaluate which direction(s) your guests are most likely to approach your booth from.
  • The most important thing is to make the most of the graphics that visitors see as they approach.

Final Thoughts

It’s also a major plus at the conclusion of the show when everyone is exhausted that the entire expo booth can be dismantled in a matter of minutes and rolled away to the parking lot. There’s no need to queue for transportation to load your stand, and there’s no fear of contractors being late – it’s all so simple and quick.


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