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We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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As a one of best show booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones
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Being one of the top show booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

expo displays, which range in size from small portable exhibitions to bigger custom and custom modular exhibits, are one of the most potent visual representations of a company’s brand, products, and personality. Exhibits are available in a wide range of layouts, designs, and functions. If you’re seeking the ideal exhibit to help you achieve your event marketing goals, we’ve provided a variety of display and exhibit options to assist you in making the best display decision.

Exposition Displays - 7 Types

Expo displays and exhibits come in a range of shapes, designs, usefulness, portability, and are simple to set up and create expo displays that will bring attention to your booth. Some exhibits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others cost less than a thousand dollars. Any budget can be met by purchasing fair displays. Modular, bespoke, and portable solutions are available. Exhibitors can rebuild a display to fit different sizes or add on a variety of accessories thanks to the modular design. Custom exhibits can be modular, but they provide the most flexibility. Portable exhibitions are simple to set up and dismantle and also shipping.

1. Pop-Up Booth Displays

Pop-ups offer portability, ease of setup, a reduced pricing point, and a variety of customization possibilities for your show. In most cases, they are employed as a solid-looking back wall. Graphic mural panels can be added to your show for more impact and to make it stand out with a distinctive message. Pop-ups function by using an accordion-style frame that opens up to reveal a system for mounting fabric or graphic panels to create a single giant image wall or fabric wall. Lights, monitor holders, and shelving are all options that can be added to help customise the pop up booth. Even the case is useful because it can be transformed into a meet-and-greet platform by simply covering it with fabric or graphic “wraps” on its own.

2. Exhibits at expo in Panels

Pop-ups and panel systems both add a solid-looking back wall to expo displays, but panel systems are more substantial and allow for more customisation. Standard panel systems can be used to construct table top displays and back walls, while specialised panel systems can be used to build large island exhibitions with features such as backlighting, product displays, counters, bridges, and more. Panel systems can be covered with Hook & Loop responsive fabric, laminates, and graphics. Because not all panel systems are created equal, price indicates quality, as well as simplicity of setup and portability. Obviously, the more complicated the design is in terms of dimensions and possibilities, the more difficult it is to set up.

3. Hybrid Expo Displays are a third option.

Use metal extrusions, graphics, dye cut panels, counters, and more to give your display a fresh, modern design. Hybrids are a terrific bespoke-looking upgrade over ordinary pop-up walls, and they may help your business stand out without the exorbitant cost of custom exhibitions. They’re also lightweight and simple to set up, with most versions fitting into just a few panel cases. It’s a little more complicated to set up than a pop-up, but not by much.

4. The Truss

Truss systems not only provide structure to an exhibit, but they also provide the most design alternatives. Truss can be used to create virtually any show shape, from traditional perimeters and hanging displays to unique kiosks. From the hefty stage lighting truss you see at concerts to the design truss used for exhibitions, truss comes in a variety of styles. Truss may be powder coated in a variety of colours, have graphics applied to it, and be turned into counters, shelves, chairs, podiums, and displays, among other things. When it comes to displaying large graphics, nothing beats truss. Truss is ideal for large-scale expo displays that reach into the air. Truss expo exhibitions and displays.

5. Fabric Displays with Tension

Tension fabric shows use aluminium poles and extrusions to create stunning walls and expo displays by stretching big fabric graphics. Many of the same accessories, including lighting, shelving, and monitor mounts, can be used on this type of display, but each system is unique. With several custom shapes or off-the-shelf options, tension fabric systems provide a very unique aesthetic. The majority of them collapse for easy shipping and are simple to assemble. Graphics are attached to the metal extrusions using a pillow case construction or straight into the channels. In any case, the appearance is fantastic.

6. Booth Displays that hang from the ceiling

Using hanging displays, you may get your message out to a wider audience. These methods attach graphics to pillow cases and come in a wide range of designs, including circles, squares, and pyramids, as well as custom shapes. Most are portable, collapsible to fit into a compact carry case or bag, and are simple to set up and dismantle. Hanging them from the show floor’s ceiling necessitates the assistance of others.

7. Tents and Canopies with Graphics

These objects can be found all over the place. In grocery shops, festivals, special events, and even exhibitions, logo canopies are displayed. A logo canopy is convenient to utilise and effectively encloses a space, displaying your images on the valance, back, and side walls.

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