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Exhibition Stand Design Ideas to Attract More Visitors

Exhibiting is a great investment in both time and money. Therefore, a good exhibition stand design is among the most exciting features of marketing. In this regard, you need to think about every aspect, from what stand would be, how to set it up and how you will sell to clients when they come.

When competing with many brands, it is important to have a unique exhibition display that can present the identity of your brand in different ways. This is important if you want to enjoy the benefit of participants in your show.

Make Your Exhibition Stand Design Warm & Accessible

Choosing a suitable color and optimal lighting guarantees attractiveness to any visitor thus, creating a brighter, friendly and warm atmosphere. If you want to create a sense of curiosity and play then you can use different illumination tactics like mood lighting, sensory lighting or gesture controlled lighting.

Show Your Products Within Their Application Environments

If you want your audience to get a feel for your product, then create the exact space they may be used in. Therefore, design an exhibition stand that audiences actually feel the product might be in a real-life environment. This is more effective than giving a brochure or showing videos. You can create an experience that feels and look like an office, a living room, a kitchen and so on – whichever environment seems best to show off your product can help people to buy the product.

Consider a Flexible Exhibition Stand Design

Designing an exhibition stand is expensive; therefore you need to adapt it for future use. So it makes sense to select a modular design. Have features which can be removed or added to change the design to suit different sizes of stands and various stand layouts. You can cut and draw different elements of designs in order to play around and look for a configuration that works for different stand layouts. The common types of layout are; all four sides exposed three out of four sides exposed and in line exhibit. Remember modular exhibition stand designs are also eco-friendly and hence are gaining more and more prominence across Europe.

Have an Open Stand Design

Ensure that the exhibition stand design is appealing to look at. If for any case you want to seal the space, you can do that with an attractive communication display.

If you are selling friendly or family products, you can keep sweets and chocolates close. Once you attract children, the parents will follow – you can leave a space for giveaways. On the other hand, if you are targeting order people think about giving tea or coffee too, particularly in the evening and in the morning. Design your stand in such a way that you will look directly at the visitors to guarantee maximum confidence.

Lighting Your Exhibition Stand

You can use colored LEDs. This might change the whole look of the stand amazingly. For instance, you can win visitor’s attention with strings of festoon light, neon signs, and giant light bulb letters. And if you want a low-key effect, then choose a centerpiece light, like chandelier or homely feel standing picture lamps. Remember to highlight the key features of your exhibition stand with your lighting.

Digital Integration Into Your Exhibition Stand Design

It is good to have a digital screen incorporated into your exhibition stand design since what you display can easily be changed. The digital screen like LED allows the presenter to make changes without bringing in a new banner.

Also, you can have a screen with a motion sensor and moving images with eye-catching features. Show a picture or a demo of happy customers—or use anything that gets visitors to stand and watch.

Meeting Areas or Suites

Having a good meeting space can make the audience feel like they are not in the hall. Let it have a TV screen and sofas. This makes the meeting space engaging and relaxed while learning much about the product. Depending on what best suits your product, you can have formal chairs and desks or more informal seating, like podium tables and stools.

An exhibition stand design is the best way to showcase your brand, do not just show up with banner stands. Using lights, colors and a few pieces of decor might make a big difference even if the budget is a problem. Using creativity can help you in creating a good exhibition stand design to communicate with your customers and get them buying your brand.

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