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We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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As a one of best show booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Exhibition Booth Events In Europe

Being one of the top booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

Exhibition expo have shown to be a great way to grow your company. Exhibition stand companies produce a wide range of expo fair exhibits. Here are four different types of top exhibition stands that will assist you in attracting people and expanding your consumer base.

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Whether you’re wanting to make new business connections, promote products and services, or do both, the presentation is crucial. You’ll want to plan your exposition events carefully and deliver the most unique booth designs possible. This includes expo exhibitors that supply information about what participants wish to improve in terms of company-participant collaboration, such as choosing the correct expo stand for exhibition events and delivering good display visuals.

What you present, the quantity of space you need, the location of your exhibition events, and the configuration options available will all influence the sort of exhibition space designs that are best suited to your exhibition expo fairs and attendees. Here are the four most common sorts of expo booths, as well as what they have to offer.

Visual elements that serve as foundations for efficient Diseño De Exposiciones

To create a pleasing composition, multiple and diverse parts work in harmony. Your expo stands must adhere to the same basic principles when it comes to exhibition booth design and composition. Every visual design element that goes into designing your custom show stand should be understood.

So, let’s break down all of the key aesthetic elements that define your show booth’s appearance.

Area to Set Up Shop

Stand space can limit the length and breadth of an exhibition space design, but only to a degree. Finally, your budget and display goals will define the size of your stand space.

First and foremost, think about why you need a certain amount of floor and wall space in your display. Meeting rooms, storage areas, lounge areas, product display shelves, and reception desks are the most prevalent sites where exhibitors require clear explanations in order to set up a stand.

Make sure you realise how much less space a single product display takes up. Booking your design stall space a year ahead of time or shortly after the previous show concludes will save you money.

The Setting

When it comes to putting on a expo, the site is the most important factor to consider. The traffic pattern in the exhibition hall will define where your show booth will be positioned. Take into account the flow of traffic from the entrance and departure points, as well as the paths to the conference rooms, restrooms, and cafeteria. If you have a corner/island stand, this will also decide the access and exit locations for your exhibition space design and banner booth Point of Sale. You will be able to determine this if you obtain a detailed floor layout from the event organisers.

Stands of Various Types

The booth design businesses offer a variety of hybrids and sorts of expo stands to its clients, but we’ll go through the four most common show booth styles that many exhibitors utilise.

1. The Shell Scheme

These are two or three-walled stands with wall panels, floor carpet, and usually a façade with the company name across the top provided by the show organisers if you’re looking for tiny expo stand design ideas. This stand can then be customised with the company’s branding. A Shell Scheme Stand is a wonderful solution if you’re on a small budget.

2. Raw Stand Area

It’s also known as “raw space,” and it simply refers to renting floor space to build custom built stands/modular stands. Raw Space gives you more customisation options, allowing you to create a customised or modular stand that is tailored to your company’s image. You may estimate the cost of such a setup using the services of exhibition booth builders, but employing a full-service contractor to handle all parts of the design and building of your exhibition space will make the process much easier.

3. Row Stands

One of two stands in a row that share wall space is referred to as a Row Stand. The entryway usually has one open side that runs the length of it. Row stands are thought to be cost-effective by many exhibitors.

Row Stand, on the other hand, requires at least a three-sided wall if the space rent is smaller, which could increase the size of your show booth as well as the cost of printing and building. As a result, you’re forced to choose between what matters most to your visitors’ experience: stand size and orientation against show booth design elements.

They also demand more “creative” design and presentation work to set themselves out from their competitors. Its three walls offer plenty of space for product display.

4. Corner and two-corner stands

You can utilise a Corner Stand if your show booth is near the entrance or at the end of a row. You’ll have two entrance points because both sides are open, making this layout accessible and inviting. Corner stands, which are usually found near a busy intersection, have plenty of room for numerous parts such as lounge seating, storage, and a meeting room. An L-shaped booth banner, various product display stands for exhibition, and a variety of seating arrangements are also available.

Final Thoughts

These are the several types of expo booth designs that you can employ while planning your expo. Visitors will remember your brand if you include interactive elements in your expo display design. We hope you found some inspiration for your expo booth design for your upcoming event.

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