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5 Sure Techniques To Attract More Visitors To Your Exhibition Booth

5 Sure Techniques To Attract More Visitors To Your Exhibition Booth


Computing at trade shows is a difficult job and with tons of distractions as well with some much work, it becomes really difficult to focus on how you are going to attract the visitors to your exhibition design booth stand.

However, following these points will help you understand and make you create a plan on how to attract more and more visitors to your exhibition stall.

  • Contact the Attendees

If you can, try to get a full list of all the visitors and collect their contact information. It will help you create a buzz about your participation at the trade show even before the event starts. 

You can send them personalized emails asking them to sign up for some face to face meetings or sign up for a game at your expo stand. You can even invite them for a cup of coffee with the business head. Doing these will make visitors more excited and encouraged.

  • Take Care of the Existing Clients

Just because they are your existing clients, don’t take them for granted. Make sure they are genuinely interested in visiting your trade show stand. One such way is providing free giveaways. However, try to be unique in such stuff as pens or keyrings are common. Come up with something unique like coffee mugs or flash drives.

You can also give them extra discount coupons on your products that will make them interested in your products as well.

  • Being StandOut

When you start planning for your trade show, you should have made up your mind about the kind of trade show display design you want and also about the booth backdrop design that you are going to use. 

One thing that you should always consider before choosing these is that they must be standout and unique giving the attendees a reason to stop while walking by the aisle. 

Using bold stall design and fabrication that captures the texts and graphics.

  • Providing a Relaxing Space

Sometimes doing less is more. Attendees, at the end of the day, will be tired; standing, and walking around the entire trade show. That’s when your relaxing space will work as an attractive thing for your stand expo

People will love to sit around for some time and then you can offer them a cup of coffee and talk to them. When they fresh themselves up again, that’s when you will get the time for business.

  • Promoting before the Trade Show

Marketing your brand before the trade show starts will create a lot of hype about your brand. Whatever unique element you are thinking of implementing at the trade show, it’s your best chance of letting the world know about it. This might surprisingly boost your chances of being more successful at the trade show.

If you want more visitors at your stand event design, you should just follow these simple steps and you will easily see the results. Remember to plan properly and get creative.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition design booth stalls for your next trade show, get in touch with us.


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