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We are amongst the leading custom stand builders in Europe

Diseño De Exposiciones

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Somos una agencia de diseño de exposiciones en Europa que ofrece stands modulares y personalizados para exposiciones y conferencias.

Stand de exposición

Diseño de exposición
empresas en europa

Como una de las mejores empresas de diseño de stands de exposición en Europa, tenemos un enfoque centrado en el cliente para los stands de exposición y nuestro objetivo es ofrecerlo con una satisfacción del cliente 100%.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Mejor espectáculo de exposición
empresas en españa

Siendo una de las principales empresas de diseño de stands para exposiciones en España, creamos una variedad de stands de exposición que incluyen stands personalizados, exhibidores modulares y exhibidores portátiles.

Craft your Exceptional Needs with our Custom Exhibition Stands in Europe

Experience the bespoke expo with SOL Gmbh company, create a custom stand design with us to achieve your marketing goals without having trouble. As an award winning company, our working team have crafted many customised stands that are interactive, practical, profitable, innovative designs tailored to your needs. Our services are very professional and up to date, never leaving you lacking. Customising your stand from constructing, creating strategic marketing tools and installing everything will be crafted till you are  satisfied with the results. We utilise many different techniques for your stalls like using unique graphics, lighting and including interactive activities to make your customers feel connected.

How we Design the Perfect Stand for you as a Custom Exhibition Stands Builder

1. Built Carefully and Looks ideal

Our commitment goes above and beyond just imaginative concepts which are built with precision and spotless detail, the complex set up including structures and equipment displayed for the stands are given the best finishing possible.

2. Design Focused on your Brand

We match your brand core into our custom exhibition stands, prioritising your attendees experiences. We never design stands that will be something different to your desires.

3. Requested Structured Model

Whenever needed, we provide detailed custom structural models of our designs which allows you to see different materials, displays, concept layouts and arrangements firsthand so that you are well informed about the structural decisions before proceeding to build the stand.

4. Professional Project Management

Our dedicated project manager handles every detail of your stand setup to access everything  runs smoothly and is well prepared even under deadlines especially if complex structures are being built and designed, giving you peace of mind.

Lead the expo area with improved visibility features!

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Our better exposure characteristics allow for improved clarity and understandable presentations. We have systematic lighting and display control for your content to be seen easily by everyone in the exhibition.
  2. Shine bright among the crowd: With our custom exhibition stands you will effortlessly pull attention like a magnetic force amidst so many presentations. The content and message you want to showcase will visually increase by partnering with SOL Gmbh, your stand will look good and your audience will surely remember you and your brand.
  3. Integrated Communication strategies: Our company works with your business and manages its overall communication strategy during the designing process to deliver the best customised interactive stand display.

We Design one-of-a-kind Custom Exhibition Stands that you won’t find anywhere else!

  1. Complete Customization: Every single element of your stand can be customised, the graphics, fonts, layout, lighting, furniture and interactive features. We check everything to ensure it meets your satisfaction.
  2. Environmentally Cautious: To protect the environment and spike up your ROI, we make use of displays, materials, elements from your previous stands and build them into something new, reducing waste and saving costs.
  3. Durable and Long-lasting: Our custom exhibition stands are designed to be reusable, long-lasting and easy to modify in the future for expos. They are also expandable and are remodelled without a complete redesign.
  4. Variety of Material to choose from: We have multiple options for you to choose from, wood, metal, acrylic, glass, infallible plastic each used for different appearances. You just let us know your vision and the vibe you want to go for, our experts are always ready with suggestions!
  5. Expertly Trained Team: We have the best well trained team, who are carpenters, blacksmiths, painters, electricians and graphic designers. You have  a skilled and practised team who do all the designing and building behind the scenes, so be relaxed.

Putting your brand out there for the people to see with the help of exhibitions is a great choice to bring awareness and having us design and create your expo stand will be like the cherry on top! We stand as the major choice for custom exhibition stands in Europe, blending creativity, passion and professionalism to craft stalls that are visually alluring and highly functional for you as well as you audience. We are precise in what we offer you, our service team are always on the go to give a smooth experience. The designing and building processes are tailored to everything you request us to include for the stands, so that your brand is represented perfectly and your audience will love it! We are committed to using the best quality materials and are dedicated to making use of sustainable materials. With a focus on ROI, reusable stands that are easy to redesign, saves you time and money. We ensure you’ll have the most engaging stand that will be the showstopper on the expo floor.

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SOL Gmbh es una empresa de gran formato diseño de stand de exposición y construir agencia. Somos expertos en stands de exhibición personalizados, displays portátiles para promociones y activaciones, así como stands de exhibición modulares para convenciones y conferencias. Desde la construcción de complejos stands para exposiciones hasta la personalización de pequeños kits de exhibición, podemos atenderle en cualquier lugar de Europa.


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