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What makes us stand out in Europe as top Exhibition Booth Manufacturers

When preparing for an Expo event, the very first step is to find the most reliable exhibition stand company, and right now you are at the right place because we are Europe’s top award winning exhibition booth manufacturers. You may wonder how? Well, we have the best team working with us who are really talented and have the ability to design and build attractive, sturdy and engaging stands that ensures a high footfall. Our main principle is to keep you and your brand before anybody or thing, that is the one thing out of many that makes us the leading company amongst many.

How we as Exhibition Booth Manufacturers Help You Stand Out at Exhibitions

1. Help you choose your product display strategy

We discuss the different ways you would want to present your products or brand, whether you want to explain in person or the presentation should be self-explanatory. We will help you choose as this choice will impact the build of your exhibition stand. It can be difficult to choose this is why we are here as a helping hand for you.

2. End to End Solutions

We provide solutions that cover all the essential aspects of manufacturing and designing for a successful expo. We make sure you have a great design that has an interactive approach. Our services were created while keeping our clients in mind. So we promise that you won’t ever have a hard time with our service.

3. Best Consultation

We will help you even if it’s the smallest detail don’t hesitate when partnering with SOL Gmbh! To address all your queries and concerns we have expert consultants, ensuring you have a flawless captivating and engaging stand and a mind which will be relaxed throughout.

Exhibition Booth Manufacturers company in Europe

SOL Gmbh is the leading company in the expo industry in Europe. We have a global presence in 4 countries and we are networking with 45 countries too with sales offices and production facilities. We help numerous clients build stands that align with their brand’s identity. Our work process comprises six essential steps that we follow to achieve an outstanding design and build potential customers. The steps are as follows.

  1. Understanding requirements: We deeply understand each and every personal requirement. This step is crucial so that we can craft a stall that perfectly caters to your necessary needs and preferences while enhancing customer engagement.
  2. 2D and 3D Visuals for Tailored Designs: After having an understanding of what you would require, our experienced design team starts working on creating 2D or 3D designs that directly align with you. We ensure you get the best possible booth for your products and brand.
  3. Feedback: After delivering your booth design we seek your feedback. Based on that we then optimise the designs to make sure they resonate properly with your vision.
  4. Construction and Installation: Once we finalise your design, our craftsmen start the process of constructing the booth, and we see to it that you are provided with timely installation that we agreed upon.
  5. OnSite Supervision and Support: Our onsite executives will be always available for you, providing you prompt aid. By doing so we let you focus and enjoy with your visitors while we handle the setup and operation of the stall.
  6. Dismantling and Storage Services: After you have a successful expo event our team will dismantle and store it for future purposes providing you a seamless experience.

We are Creative Exhibition Booth Manufacturers and Stand Designers!

  • Conceptualisation and Design: Our team specialises in conceptualising and designing innovative expo booths, we ensure that every design is tailored to your unique needs. We focus on creativity and functionality, we thrive on creating visually stunning and functional booth designs that catch the audience’s attention.
  • Customised Solutions: We offer customised solutions, and pay attention to your specific theme and needs. We can add anything you ask for whether it’s involving technology, unique graphics, layouts and certain elements. Our designs are   precisely craft stands to give you the best experience and your attendees as well.
  • Sustainable Practices: We work with sustainable materials, our commitment to it extends to every aspect of the booth lifecycle, reducing wastage. At our company we are passionate about transforming your visions to impactful expo booths.

Sol GmbH is the top choice for your upcoming exhibition in Europe. We offer tailored solutions specifically crafted to your brand and your audience. Our company is client-centric making sure every one of you receives a captivating and interactive booth design that fits in with your brand’s message. Partner with us for an incredible exhibition experience that makes you stand out at expo events.

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