Types of stands in Exhibition

Types of Stands in an Exhibition

Exhibitions present a great opportunity to enhance your brand appeal and reach out to a wider, mature audience.

Your Exhibition Stand is your passport to success at the exhibition show.

Before we go into other aspects, let us get to know what an Exhibition Stand exactly is.

An Exhibition Stand refers to a 3D structure with a framework or walls clad in graphics to display a branded message. With greater opportunities in terms of design, structure, product showcasing, and AV integration, it can be used in any way you like to showcase your products/services.

Today, it comes in different types and sizes. This way it offers several options allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your brand identity, trade show needs, and budget constraints.

Types of Stands In Exhibition

Here are the different types of exhibition stands used in exhibitions.

1. Modular Stand

Made-up of lightweight materials, Modular Stands’ enviable features make it among the most popular of stands.


  • Is made of light weight materials. This will help you to save on labor and shipping costs.
  • Comes with graphics that are interchangeable. This allows you to use them with a fresh new look supplemented with a new key message every time it is used for an exhibition show.
  • Is customizable in nature. This means it can easily fit into any of client’s requirements as and when required.
  • Is flexible. It can be easily accommodated into any space, big or small, and what more, even built by the client on own.
  • Is reusable and totally eco-friendly. It can be reused as many times as required without in any way creating environmental issues.
  • Is reconfigurable. This means you can have it reconfigured to fit in with the needs of different spaces. You get to reduce costs.

Overall, it is a good choice for exhibitors on a tight budget and looking to maximize their ROI.

2. Pop-Up Stand


  • Is easy to set-up. This makes it an efficient choice if you’re looking to use for different events.
  • Is portable which makes it easy to carry around and transport.
  • Is cost-effective and comparatively cheaper compared to other categories of stands. It can promote your business effectively without inflating your budget or causing a hole in your pocket.

The only drawback is they there is a limit to your imagination with it. It also does not provide that many features compared to other type of stands.

If your main objective is branding, then Pop-Up stand makes for the right choice. They are especially suitable for start-ups or small sized companies with modest budget.

3. Custom Build Stand

A custom-build stand is usually tall and wide with high walls, huge logo, and a compelling bespoke design making it physically impressive that can instantly catch audience’s attention.


  • Is made of materials like Glass, Metal, MDF, PVC, Paint, or Vinyl. You can have it built with whatever structure you like including office spaces. Ultimately, the shape that can be constructed will give you real competitive advantage.
  • Is built as per your requirements with no limit to how they can be built. Many a time, it is built on the event show floor itself.
  • Is unique as it’s built to one’s specifications. This means contractors can stretch their imagination and have it designed in a gravity defying manner.
  • Is predominantly positioned in prime locations. This will help you to project the power of authority at the trade show event. What more, they help to establish your brand’s reputation within the industry.

Their drawbacks include

  • Cannot be reused once it’s used. Each stand can be built only for one event often with minimal reusable elements and harmful materials.
  • After the event, it will have to be torn down and disposed of. This will end up in some landfills causing negative environmental impact.
  • Is expensive as it’s a one-time investment. You pay for the full price every time you intend to use it for a trade show.
  • Can be limited by the amount of graphics if the stand contractor so desires. This can inflate your budget as you will need to factor in the cost of materials and labor.

However, when customized in line with your specifications, they deliver positive benefits.

They are mostly suitable for companies looking for large stands that reinforce their brand’s identity, help generate qualified leads, and maximize sales opportunities. Since it offers a higher impact and contains several enviable features, it comes at a higher cost.

4. Custom Modular Stand

A Custom-Modular Stand contains all the perks of a basic modular stand with a totally unique design solution to make it a stand out.


  • Has a framework that is reusable and reconfigurable. This will allow you to use it throughout the annual show calendar.
  • Can be built to your specifications so as to fit in any floor space including shell scheme and space only.
  • Comes with showcases built into the stand.
  • Uses seamless floor to ceiling graphics, lighting, and AV. This will make it look more attractive enough to catch attendees’ attention.
  • Is reusable making it environment-friendly. You can reuse it as many times as wanted without in any way causing harm to the environment.
  • Is easy to pack away, store, and transport.
  • Is 100 percent reconfigurable, allowing it to be used at every event with any shape to adapt to the event’s requirements or your needs.

The only drawback is it is a tad more expensive than other stand types. However, only the initial cost is high. It will cost per show less while at the same time deliver a greater impact.

5. Shell Scheme Stand

A Shell-Scheme Stand refers to a basic category of stand with a design that looks like a basic-row stand. Rented out in a 3×3 meter shell space by the show organizers, you get a predefined area with distinctive floor and walls. The show organizers will provide carpeting, wall panels, and a fascia containing your company name on the top.

If you want more space, you can rent more than one shell space to have a 6×3 space. Put together, the shell spaces are attached to a single back wall connecting them, culminating in a fixed floor height.

Mostly suitable for first-time exhibitors or small and mid-size companies operating on a tight budget, it can be personalized if required with graphics, furniture, lighting and display counters added for a distinctive look.

6. Double Decker Stand

A double-decker stand comes with two levels, upper and ground.

It is a suitable choice if you’re exhibiting in busy and crowded trade shows where floor space is available at a premium.

By adding a second level to your booth area, it

  • Offers a distinctive presence with a high degree of functionality.
  • Helps to maximize booth floor space.
  • Provides a quiet space away from the busy show floor. It can be used as a meeting room or a lounge area, or for conducting private demos to top clients.

The only drawback is it requires more investment which means you need to spend more money. It also needs detailed planning to ensure everything is arranged properly and accessibility and safety ensured.

7. Row Stand

A Row Stand refers to a row of stands that’s stacked one after the other. Sharing a common wall space between them, they come with one-side open usually facing the hallway.

If required you can have the stand flooring, wall paneling, and graphics personalized to reflect your brand identity.

8. Corner Stand

A Corner Stand refers to a stand that’s usually found at the end of row stands.


  • Has two entry points, providing attendees additional point to enter the stand space.
  • Is positioned at the intersection where there is huge traffic flow. As a result of it facing traffic flow, your brand will get more exposure.

Many exhibitors tend to take maximum advantage of its features through the placement of an L-shaped banner and multiple display counters. This will give your brand more visibility at the event.

9. Two Corner Stand

Similar to a Corner Stand, a Two-Corner Stand is more open from all sides, with a single wall connecting them.

It also offers identical benefits as a corner stand but with more creative options. This means, you can have it designed in any manner you like to reflect your brand identity. To heighten its glow and visibility, you can try out a large banner or a U-shaped banner suspended from the ceiling.

10. Island Stand

An Island Stand refers to a stand that’s open on all the four sides sans walls.


  • Generates high visibility compared to most other stand types. You can include a ceiling banner or vertical billboard to make it more visible to the audience even from a distance.
  • Provides ample room for constructing sections like a meeting room and lounge area.
  • Facilitates greater attendee engagement. This will allow your team to reach out to several attendees at a time and engage them. For a better attendee engagement, you can have photo booths or tablet stand displays that can be used by attendees.

The only drawback is it is the most expensive of all stand types. However, its benefits far outweigh its cost. You can make it the most eye-catching on the trade show floor compared to other stand types.

With several type options available, make sure to choose the right stand for exhibitions. This is imperative to your success at the exhibition show.

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