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Top Things You Must Carry to a Trade Show

Top things you must carry to a Trade Show

Imagine going to the airport and realizing you don’t have your Passport with you. Oh, the horror! It’s pretty much the same feeling when you are exhibiting at a messe and you’ve forgotten some of the key items.

Here are some of them that you should note down and carry for your next show:
  • Promotional items  A trade show is a marketing hub, which means, a vast opportunity for you to promote your brand and message. Hence, you cannot miss out on carrying promotional items such as calendars, mugs, wristbands, gift boxes, goodies, customized gift items, etc. If these are good, they’ll do wonders for attracting attendees to your stall and who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m sure the attendees will.
  • Business cards – While a trade show can be fun, do remember your primary goal: to make business. After a long day, attendees, customers, companies, clients, etc. will all be tired and won’t remember much about all the exhibitors, their services, sales pitches, etc. These small placards will be the boost that pushes you through to make a deal. Hence, make sure you and your staff are well-equipped with enough business cards. 
  • Signages – Signages are extremely important to help guide viewers to your booth but what if the signs aren’t even there? Where will the viewers (your potential customers) go? Hence, make sure the signages, posters, and banners are tagging along with you. 
  • Presentation media items – Presentation media will be doing the job of keeping the attendee’s attention to your booth. Thus, make sure you have slideshows, short videos, demonstrations, introductory clips, etc. with you to display in the booth
  • Supplies – A handy box of supplies is always a necessity. Everything won’t be solved with some duct tape and glue, which is why you need your loyal box of supplies there, ready to perform in any problem. Swiss army knives, zip ties, staplers, paper clips, scissors, rubber bands, etc. should all be in the box

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