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The Responsibilities of a Trade Show Booth Manager

The Responsibilities of a Trade Show Booth Manager

One of the most important people in a trade fair is the booth manager who usually stays at the expo display stands, coordinating and managing several tasks, making sure that the exhibition stand runs its course without a hiccup. 

In today’s world where investments are necessary for any kind of success, a proper show booth stand manager is quite an important one that can make all the difference between you winning or losing an exhibition. Very often, this individual is called an event manager or a show booth coordinator, but no matter what the terminology, the show booth manager is always at the core of any exhibition strategy. 

His Duties: An exhibition stall manager controls all the facets of you exhibiting at the show. This usually includes planning, budgeting, promotions, exhibition booth construction, stall design, PR, lead management, staff training, reporting, analytics, staff management, lead capture, marketing material, and much more. 

However, if the manager has to do all this on his own, he will pretty much tumble down like dominos. Thus, an expo stand manager needs to know how to delegate with personnel. 

The primary task of the manager is to set the direction on why the company is exhibiting, the strategies, and the tactics the company will use in its exhibition stand booth on the trade show floor. 

Once the booth manager sets the budget breakdown, he then delegates tasks to the respective groups. These include:

  • Exhibition stand construction and promotions to the marketing team 
  • Lead capture and follow-ups to the sales team 
  • Budget controlling to the accounting team
  • Demonstrations and sampling of products to the product team 

Lastly, the booth manager is also in charge of the project in all the 3 stages, which are, the pre-, during, and post stages of the trade show. 

He has to put down a set of rules to follow; manage the pre-show preparations; stay in the booth during the show, and lead the staff. After the show, he has to push for follow-ups and tracks the results.

One tip we can give to any booth manager is to create a master document that details the trade show. This way, they can refer to the document in case of any inconsistencies.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next trade show, get in touch with us.

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