Simple Trade Show Trends

Simple Expo Trends to Look Out for in 2020

The trade fair industry is booming currently, and nothing is stopping it. The rise of newer companies, products, and market segments has led trade display to face new heights every day to provide a platform to millions of companies for interacting with consumers. 

Things such as AR, VR, 3D displays, immersive experiences were way too futuristic a few years back but now they’ve become the norm. 

Since these were “trends” at some time, let’s take a look at some simpler trends that you must look out for in the upcoming year of 2020:

  • Hitting the Nostalgic Strings

Technological advancements sure do propel us forward to a brighter future, but there’s nothing that strikes our hearts’ strings quite like nostalgia, right? This is a strategy that many exhibitors are now following, by incorporating nostalgic themes into their exhibition stand booth

How? By implementing themes such as throwback games, like Pinball, Plinko, etc. There’s a major business strategy behind this because nostalgia affects the emotions of consumers. Thus, creating a connection between the consumer and the brand. 

Hence, creating nostalgic themes is the best way to spark an emotional connection, and if you can do that, a consumer will surely prefer your brand!

  • Live Demonstrations for the Public

trade display attendees are so used to multi-sensory experiences that live demonstrations prove. Thus, live demonstrations will be a major trend for 2020. 

Multi-sensory experiences mean decreased attention spans, and live demonstrations of products can be a great solution for this. 

Attendees want to feel everything, see and touch everything, and demonstrating your products live creates an experience that is hard to forget. Thus, incorporating this into your exhibition stall is one of the best strategies to gaining a wide attendee base. This will also go on to create more meaningful connections and potential leads.

With hundreds of exhibition stand systems competing, it becomes difficult for your expo stand to outshine others. However, with the mentioned upcoming trends, your trade display stand will surely stand out and attract a hugged crowd.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next trade display, get in touch with us.

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