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Diseño De Exposiciones

Creative Exhibition Stands

We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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Innovative Exhibition Booths

As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Best Exhibition Stands

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

You can position your organisation at the forefront of the industry, create a stronger impact on guests, and ultimately convert more leads by using some of these innovative exhibition stands ideas. There are various ways to stand out from the crowd, whether it's with eye-catching LED panels or by incorporating AR and VR technology into your show stand.

Innovative Exhibition Stands For Your Upcoming Events

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Companies who exhibit at live events are seen as 28 percent more innovative than those that do not. expo are a wonderful method for firms to prove they are on the cutting edge of their field.

Face-to-face marketing still has a lot of power, and having an original exhibition booth is a great approach to maximise your effect at trade events. Thankfully, the field of exhibition stand design has gone a long way in recent years, with exciting advancements in stand construction techniques allowing exhibitors practically limitless options.

Custom Exhibition Stands Designs

For your next event, have a look at the selection of innovative exhibition stands.

1. LED Screens are a great way to brighten up a room.

In the last few years, LED technology has progressed to the point where light-up static or even video display screens can be included into the innovative exhibition stands.

Using inside LED lighting through lightbox frames, rather than clip-on or hanging lights, looks even more unique and is sure to capture passers-by’s attention. 

While backlit graphics are a wonderful way to draw attention, you can take it a step further by promoting your business with video material displayed on integrated screens, which is the preferred medium for business content for customers, according to research.


Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Booth Designs

We provide you with quite 150 fair rental booth designs to settle on from including modular and customized, add-on feature integrated and fully customized booth designs.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Transparent Pricing

We help you convert the virtual image of your own booth design into reality for your exposition with our team of over 50 skilled professionals.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Reusable and Affordable

Our booth displays are reusable and affordable. you'll use an equivalent rental booth across the various trade shows.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Creative Graphics

Get meaningful and attractive brand graphics to feature value to your fair booth rentals.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Turnkey Service

We build your booth displays at a production unit using leading-edge technology.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Digital Experience

Digital is everything today, we assist you to build meaningful brand experience using technologies.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

On-site Support

Our on-ground experts provide you with complete support for the installation, monitoring, and dismantling of your booth rentals.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Quality Execution Assured

Ideally, your marketing team would like to steer beyond any performance risk before the trade show. What quite quality assurance do you have to anticipate? At exposol.de, we adopt a dual-stage demonstration policy. We do mockup of your display booth rentals first thenthe booth structure goes on site after thorough quality inspection for final execution.

Diseño De Exposiciones, Stand Feria Diseño, Diseño De Stands, Stand De Feria, Diseño De Stand

Right Value for Money

Out transparency policy and our principals is to have fixed price for all, and also a constant practice to have complete control overhead assures you of having right value for your money, due to high volume of business we can offer better brice to each of our client.

2. Allow passers-by to use your space

You only have six seconds to make an impact on a expo guest, so make sure your innovative exhibition stands send a clear and succinct sales message.

Create an attractive environment for attendees by using a simple design and open floor area.

Save the longer sales message for your promotional materials, and only display your essential USPs on the stand itself for branding purposes.

Concentrate on selling the benefits of your product to the consumer by distilling your company’s sales message down to its most critical components.

Eco-Friendly Modular Exhibition Stand Designs

3. When it comes to inventiveness, the sky is the limit.

Exhibiting at a expo may be expensive, with 63 percent of the exhibitors we polled citing it as the most difficult aspect of the process.

The floor space purchased from the event organiser is one of the most expensive charges.

You can normally build up to 3 metres tall with a custom-built stand, but check with the event organiser to see if there are any height restrictions. Using a hanging structure above your show can capture attention from all over the area, which is very good for attendees who are having trouble finding your booth.

Portable Displays & Promotion Kits
Design D Exposition

Free Consultancy

Booked an exhibition space at an upcoming show but are unsure how much the build will cost? Send us your floorplan, basic requirements and timeline at hand and we can prepare a ballpark estimate for you.

Design D Exposition

Free Stand Design

Are you exhibiting in a new country for the first time? Do you need a design that is locally relevant on a global platform? We can submit a design which communicates your key message to your target audiences.

Design D Exposition

Request A Call Back

Have a strategy in mind and want to sound it off? Exploring new geography and want to test the market via an exhibition? Just want to discuss the viability of an experiential marketing idea? Our experts can be of help to you.

4. Create an Intimate Space

Innovative exhibition stands don’t have to be the biggest and boldest at the show; it’s also about the quality of space you provide for visitors.

Attendees may be distracted by the noise and intensity of expo, resulting in a lack of interest in your sales pitch by the time they reach your booth.

Because mobile internet connectivity is typically weak in exposition halls, on-stand free WiFi is a possibility for even more comfort – but be warned: if you offer this, attendees may remain longer than expected!

5. Assist with first-hand experience

Customers can best comprehend your business offering by seeing it firsthand, which is why having something on your stand is so vital.

We are continually challenged as exhibition stand builders to come up with new ways to advertise our clients’ products on the displays themselves.

This allows clients to interact directly with your company’s offering, building trust and increasing the chances of a future transaction.

6. AR and VR can be used to create an immersive experience.

If you have a product or service that can’t be completely experienced on your innovative exhibition stands, you might want to create an Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

You may create an incredibly engaging, immersive experience for visitors to your stand just by scanning a code on your stand phone or using a VR headset, thanks to this revolutionary technology.

This Toyota example demonstrates how augmented reality can be integrated into the exhibition stand itself. The visitor may learn more about their new trucks by pointing the screen to specific portions of the display using augmented reality technology, which adds an interesting “user-focused” layer to their innovative show stands.

Our Portfolio

7. In the Booth With Robots

The robot booth will be the talk of the town! The robots will not only attract prospects’ attention, but will also delight booth visitors. Robots are thought to be a particularly powerful means of communication.

They can respond to people’s questions, collect information from expo participants, and encourage them to come to your booth. Aside from that, the robots can distribute flyers to trade show guests.

8. 3D Printing Methodologies

Freebies are a favourite of all expo attendees. They do not, however, desire pencils, t-shirts, or any other dull freebies. If you want your potential consumers to keep your freebies instead of throwing them away, come up with a unique idea. What if you could create their freebies right in front of their eyes? Yes, with the help of 3D printing technology, it is achievable. Another good technique to increase the number of people inside your booth is to use 3D printing.

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