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Incorporating Technology To Your Trade Show Exhibit

Incorporating Technology To Your Trade Show Exhibit

If you look back 20 years ago, you can clearly tell the difference in the technology used in trade shows. The ever-evolving nature has made technology accessible to even start-ups leading them to have some of the most amazing exhibition stands.

On a whole technology has proven it’s worth in the trade show industry. With trade show exhibit design companies using the latest technology, showcasing products has made the whole process more informative and engaging.

Here are some of the ways to incorporate technology into your trade show stand:

  • Brand Apps

We live in a world of smartphones. From ordering food and clothes online to book your flight tickets, all you need is an app on your smartphone. 

Designing your brand app for a trade show and launching it on the event day can help you a lot in making an impact on the visitor’s mind. They would want to know more about your brand and that’s when you get a chance to generate them into leads.

If you already have a brand app, update it exclusively for the trade show. From signups for contests, raffles and games, you can also include a map for attendees to locate your exhibition stall and much more.  

  • VR Technology

Statistics suggest that 84% of people attending an exhibition get more impressed and put their trust in those brands that include the latest technological trends. 

By incorporating virtual reality into your exhibition stand, customers can make the most out of your services, know about your products and buy them. This is especially the case with an expo stand exhibiting software or any such technology.

  • Video Demo

When we think of advertising, what do we mean in general? Maybe a poster or a big flex about your brand. Well, using technology you can take your advertising to a whole new level. 

By installing large screen LED screens in your trade fair stall design you can play your product’s advertising videos or brand video. It’s a brilliant way of advertising without the use if any manpower.

Technology can create a good impression of your brand on the people. People always tend to get attracted to those brand that incorporates technologies to their booth design as it makes them curious about the brand and the technology. That’s when you make the most of it and get leads and customers.

With growing technology, brands are competing to have the latest ones in their stand display design to grab the attendees’ attention. Luckily, brands don’t have to spend a huge amount to gain attention; all you need to be is creative. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next trade show, get in touch with us.

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