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Importance of Modular Exhibition Systems in the Field of Exhibits

Your below-the-line (BTL) marketing initiatives, such as exhibitions and events, require an exhibition trade booth. The exhibition stand serves as a point of interaction between the brand and the target audience, as well as representing the brand at the show on its own.

If you’ve ever exhibited before, you’re aware that exhibition stands come in a variety of styles and types, including bespoke stands, modular exhibition systems, and custom-modular exhibition stands. Although most exhibitors are familiar with custom built stands, many are unfamiliar with modular exhibition systems. In this post, we’ll explain what modular exhibition systems are and why they’re the next big thing in the exhibition industry.

I. What is modular or modularity?

Modularity is a technology that brings together disparate components to create a unified whole!

Atoms, for example, join to form a molecule, while Lego pieces, when combined, form a creative structure.

Modularity, to put it simply, is the concept of combining many minor pieces to produce custom-made solutions. Modularity is a game-changing concept that is highly efficient and cost effective, especially in the long run, from modular housing to modular furniture and now modular exhibition systems.

II. What are modular exhibition stands and how do you use them?

Modular exhibition systems consist of pre-engineered components that work together to create a self-contained system. Modular exhibition systems can be reconfigured to provide a variety of show stand designs. The booth’s modular and interchangeable components can be lowered or upscaled to suit your needs. Modular stands are adaptable, environmentally friendly exhibition systems that are simple to assemble and dismantle and do not require specialist support.

Modular stands‘ hardware is very adaptable, allowing them to be reconfigured to create a variety of designs. Because they are portable, modular exhibition systems are a lucrative blend of functionality and modernism. Modular stands may be transformed into a whole new exhibit with the addition of changeable graphics. For seasoned exhibitors, they are the preferred exhibition stand solution since they can be utilised numerous times and provide a good return on investment in the long term.

III. What distinguishes modular display stands from custom and custom-modular exhibition stands?

Modular stands are a versatile, flexible version of an exhibition stand. Because it is composed of robust material, a modular stand can be reused for many events and shows with no maintenance. The modular stand installation and disassembly process is simple and straightforward. The majority of modular stands are self-construct systems that are simple to erect and dismantle and don’t require any technical support. Modular stands maintain their essential structure, allowing for quick construction.

Custom built exhibition stands can be manufactured to the exhibitor’s specifications. As a result, a personalised booth can have curves or non-linear components. When you choose custom built exhibition stands, you can modify everything from the Diseño De Exposiciones to the basic equipment. Custom built exhibition stands typically require woodwork, painting, and polishing, which is why some exhibitors avoid them in order to save the effort of cleaning once the stand is built. The setup and takedown of custom built stands necessitates specialised assistance.

As the name implies, custom modular exhibition stands are a cross between custom and modular stands. It combines the best of both worlds by allowing the exhibitor to modify specific features of the trade booth. Custom-modular stands give any booth a particular style and increase its exclusivity.

IV. The Benefits of Modular Exhibition Systems 

Many exhibitors prefer modular exhibition systems for exhibitions over custom built stands because they offer a wide range of benefits. The benefits of moving to modular stands are listed below.

  • Modular exhibition systems are adaptable and may be converted into a variety of layouts and styles. The same hardware/structure of the modular stands can be rebuilt and used to produce a completely new design for the following show.
  • Reusability – Modular exhibition systems are constructed from environmentally friendly materials. They were made with the intention of being reused in a variety of ways for a variety of presentations. Any of the given reusable modular exhibition stands can be recycled for multiple exhibitions over time with no upkeep.
  • Scalability – It is scalable in nature, as well as flexible in modular exhibition systems design. The size of a modular booth can be raised or decreased depending on the need. Any tiny modular trade booth can be up scaled to a medium sized booth with technical support, and vice versa.
  • Longevity – Modular exhibition systems are made of imperishable materials and can be sustained for a long duration of time. When stored well, a modular exhibition system can be reused for at least 5-6 times a year or for 7-8 consecutive years if the usage is minimal.
  • Ease of use – The USP of Modular exhibition systems is that it is extremely convenient to assemble and dismantle. Press-fit connectors and uncomplicated knobs make the installation process a cakewalk. A modular system can easily be assembled without prior technical background and support, with the help of an assembly manual or video, provided by the exhibition stand company itself. Thanks to the fact that you cannot alter the structure entirely, the basic pre assemblies are easy to install thus saving cost and time of labour.

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