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How to Give the Correct Design Brief to Your Exhibition Stall Design Company

What is the definition of an exhibition stand?

An exhibition stand is a well-designed structure used by a variety of businesses to display their products and services during trade exhibitions. Isn’t it simple? It’s not as simple as you understand. Exhibition stand builders, for example, always create a gorgeous and well-thought-out show stand. These exposition trade show stand designs are created to help businesses promote their products and services to the public in the most professional and appealing manner possible.

With the help of a top exhibition stall design business, you can have the greatest possible exhibition stand for your trade show.

The layout brief is the last thing you want to ensure as a customer. Your design brief will impact the outcome of your project. The professional show stall design firm will offer you with a simple form that you must carefully fill out. Ensure that the provided information is accurate. Your effort, on the other hand, does not end here. You may also need to provide the following information when sending out the entire design brief


About the business – Products and services should be listed, as well as the countries in which you operate and how long you’ve been in business. Share any corporate information you believe your exhibition stall design company will find useful.

 The display – Aside from booth size and other parameters, the exhibition stall design company will need to know what you hope to accomplish with your booth. Don’t be afraid to share these critical data with your exhibition stall design company, whether you’re rebranding or launching a new product. Your design brief should include information about your demographics, target audience, USPs, and competition, among other things. If you intend to provide refreshments or giveaways, make sure to mention it in the brief. The concept design should also describe how the stand will be operated (through graphics, audiovisuals, demos, etc.) and how many people will be working on it.


Design and Feel – Share marketing materials and, if feasible, the annual report to ensure that your exhibition stand accurately reflects the look and feel of your business. You can also show examples of exhibition stands that you enjoyed at a trade show you’ve attended in the past. Your exhibition stall design company will be aware of your design preferences. You can also discuss the aspects of those stands that piqued your interest. If you have ready-to-use visuals and copy content for an exhibition, share them with your exhibition stand design firm. If you don’t have one, your stand designer can always assist you.


Functional Requirements – Exhibitors frequently forget to provide vital information about the stand’s functional requirements. Share key facts like the site plan and projected visitor traffic flow to ensure that your show stand fits your functional requirements. Do you require a kitchen, storage space, internet access, a phone, a raised floor, display cabinets, and carrier bag hooks? If this is the case, make sure to include these elements in your design brief. Make sure you notify your exhibition stall design company how you plan to collect visitor information – barcodes or business cards.


Other suggestions and checklists include:


If you’ve decided to participate in an exhibition, make sure you reserve your exhibit space well in advance. Bookings made at the last minute may incur a surcharge. If you make reservations in advance it will save you both time and money.


Not only do you need to reserve show floor space ahead of time, but you also need to reserve an exhibition stand. This will give them plenty of time to work on your stand design and display graphics.


If you have your exhibitor manual, be sure to give it to your exhibition stall design company as soon as possible. They won’t miss the deadlines for ordering services you’ll need for the final show this way.


Also, plan ahead of time to make time for your exhibition stall design company to offer you a product demonstration before the final event.


They’d be delighted to share your booth’s success stories on their social media pages or on their websites as a case study. Your case storey will be read by thousands of other people if they have visits and follows, which will help promote and raise awareness for your brand. So, the next time you have a successful show, please make sure to pass on the information.


Did the show go as you had planned?


Did you obtain the expected number of visitors?


If there was anything about the stand that worked particularly well for you, please mention it in your feedback.


Tell them if you’ve met your overall goal.


What would you like them to change about their exhibition stands if you hired them for the future event?

Final Thoughts


Creating the right design brief isn’t a one-step process; there are numerous factors that your designer must be aware of in order to achieve the style you desire. That is, however, where SOL comes in! We’ve created a simple approach that you and your designer can use to produce something spectacular.

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