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How to Excel at a Tradeshow: Important Tips to Keep in Mind

How to Excel at a Tradeshow

A messe right now is like a warzone, where it’s every exhibition company for itself. There are tons of strategies and books that say that they can make an exhibitor stand out from the rest, but that is not so easy because almost every company tries to implement such tactics, and you may end up sharing some similar ones as well. Thus, it is important to implement those tactics that can help you excel at exhibiting. Once you do that, you will automatically beat your competitors to the finish line. 

Skip the Start and the End – This tip to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t stay at a given conference all week. It’s been my experience that the first and last day of the conference can be the worst days to gather intelligence. During the first day, the booth staff is laser-like focused on talking to potential customers. They’re not as interested in having conversations that go left or right of center and their conversations are typically going to be fairly brief. On the last day of the conference, you might be left with more junior staff in the booth or those hired guns who are just filling in for the last day of the show. The more interesting folks to talk to have probably already flown home.

Hence the sweet spot is right in the middle of the show. Obviously what the middle is for you is going to depend based on how long a given conference is. The upshot is if you’re trying to maximize your time, definitely don’t bother arriving for that very first day or staying for the last day.

Combine your efforts – The seventh tip for maximizing your time investment concerns visiting booths at technology conferences: You can get meaningful demos of multiple products at the same time. For example, you can ask two engineers to talk to you about how two products integrate or work together in a customer data center. Because multiple products are represented by multiple people in the booth, this is easier than you might think. It’s just a matter of asking the person you’re talking to, “Can you bring somebody over from that part of the booth because I have a question that crosses both products?” You can get some really good intelligence with this strategy

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