Exhibitions In Munich

Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions In Munich, Germany

Munich, the third biggest city in Germany, is a unique world in itself. It offers the finest of traditional cultural heritage and influences. Combining them with the best of modern Business & Finance, and Science & Technology, it presents a vibrant confluence of the best traditional and modern. Then, there are several huge brewery firms and tourist marvels that keep attracting tourists from around the world all through the year.

The city annually hosts several top-notch national and international trade fairs. They cover every industry segment attracting a vast swathe of global audience.

2024-2025 like every year will have several notable trade fairs. There are some a cut above the rest. Five of the best upcoming exhibitions among them are not to be missed.

Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions In Munich, Germany 2024-2025

Here is the list of the top five 2024-2025 upcoming exhibitions in Munich.


  • When: 12TH November to 15th November, 2024
  • Where: Trade Fair Center Messe Munich
  • Industry: Electronics

About the trade show:

  • Is a premier event for the Electronics Industry, covering the entire spectrum of modern electronics.
  • Provides a vibrant platform for top and emerging players in the Electronics Industry from across the globe to come together under one roof; and leverage opportunities for professional exchange.
  • Provides an opportunity to showcase the latest products/services and groundbreaking technologies, and innovations to a mature audience; enhance brand visibility; and foster global collaborations to expand market reach globally.
  • Give attendees’ the chance to see the latest products/services, and technologies up-close including Components, Systems, Vehicle Electronics, Semiconductor Technology, Microsystems Technology, Measurement & Sensor Technology, etc; explore innovations in components, applications, and systems; and gain insights into the future of electronics.


  • When: 27TH November to 1st December, 2024
  • Where: Trade Fair Center, Messe Munchen
  • Industry: Crafts & Furnishing

About the trade show:

  • Is Southern Germany’s largest fair for Living, Lifestyle, Crafts, & Furnishing.
  • Provides a robust platform for top and emerging industry names to come together under one roof. 800 plus exhibitors from 30 plus nations from across the globe will be presenting their latest offerings in front of a wide mature audience. Some prominent items to be showcased include Custom-Made Carpentry Furniture, etc.
  • Showcases the latest of the finest Crafts, Living, Lifestyle, and Furnishing Items.
  • Provides a robust platform for inspiring talks, sharing of creative living ideas and knowledge, and connect with industry leaders.


  • When: 3RD December to 5th December, 2024
  • Where: Trade Fair Center, Messe Munchen
  • Industry: Sports Goods

About the trade show:

  • Is among the largest events for the International Sports Industry.
  • Provides a cohesive, vibrant platform to top and emerging industry names to come together under one roof. The show is slated to attract 2,800 plus exhibitors from 130 plus countries and 100,000 plus visitors including e-commerce companies, retailers, sports brands, team outfitters, and the media.
  • Showcases the latest products/services, and innovations in Design, Fashion, and Sports Technology, including revolutionary products/solutions like footwear, sports equipment, sports apparel, and accessories for lifestyle sports and outdoor activities.
  • Provides an opportunity to exhibitors to launch products and showcase emerging trends; and connect with industry professionals to explore business opportunities and form partnerships.

4. BAU 2025 MUNICH

  • When: 13TH January to 18th January, 2025
  • Where: Trade Fair Center, Messe Munchen
  • Industry: Construction

About the trade show:

  • Is among the most acclaimed trade fairs for Architecture, Materials, & Systems.
  • Provides a cohesive platform for industry players including those connected with the planning, construction, and design of buildings internationally, to come under one roof. The event will bring together Architects, Investors, Industrial & Commercial representatives, and Planners, Craftsmen, and other industry-connected professionals on one platform.
  • Showcases the latest of products/solutions, techniques, and possible applications relevant to the industry. There will also be presentation of innovations in Construction Machinery, Floor and Ceiling Tools, Power Supply Systems, and Materials.
  • Facilitates sharing of industry knowledge and ideas among the participants; and networking opportunities to explore business possibilities and forge business partnerships.


  • When: 2nd June – 5th June, 2025
  • Where: Trade Fair Center Messe Munchen, Munich
  • Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

About the trade show:

  • Is a premier trade fair for Transportation Industry with focus on all the major areas of Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Freight, IT, and Mobility.
  • Provides a robust business platform for top and emerging industry players from across the globe to come under one roof. 2,300 plus exhibitors from across the world will appear in the event.
  • Provides an opportunity to showcase the latest industry related products/services and innovations across sectors like Logistics, Packaging, E-Business, Warehouse Management, and Telecommunications, to a wide cross-section of highly mature audience.
  • Offers an opportunity to attendees to explore a wide array of the latest equipment, machinery, and processes in the road, rail, air, and water transport logistics.
  • Facilitates useful discussions on industry-related developments and issues.
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