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9 Tips for Training the Trade Show Staff

You could have the most innovative booth design or even a custom trade show booth, but it is all for not if your staff cannot converse with the attendees and turn them into promising leads. This is why brands go through a rigorous process of creating the best trade show staff. 

But it doesn’t end there as they have to train them to work as a team, gain leads and increase sales. Here are 9 tips for training the trade show staff.

  • Set Trade Show Goals

Your exhibition stall staff needs to know about your trade show goals. Why are you participating in a trade show? Are you launching a new product? How are you going to market your expo stand? What should people focus on when they visit your exhibition stand? All these questions and other goals must be clearly explained to the staff. When your staff understands the reasoning behind your decisions and goals, they will be able to attend to the visitors well and achieve set goals.

  • Set Incentives

To make sure your staff is motivated, set some incentives. This could be a bonus or a bigger responsibility at the expo stand. This way, the staff will put their best foot forward for the company. 

While training them, set challenges and daily goals that they need to fulfill. On completing the daily tasks, you can provide them with an incentive. This can be specially used on the day of the event.

  • Scheduling

Trade show events go on for hours. Naturally, it would be out of the question to expect the same staff to attend the stand expo for that long. This is why companies break down the complete event into schedules for each member. 

The staff must know the exhibition stand booths schedule and the staff schedule too so that why know at what time which activities need to begin. Moreover, it helps keep track of the staff activities. 

  • Staff Appearance

Your expo stand staff’s appearance matters when attendees enter your booth. You must have a set dress code and styling guidelines for the staff so that attendees can easily recognize them. Also, you must train the attendees to never eat or drink inside the exhibition stall. They must always look well-groomed. Untidiness will keep attendees away from your booth. 

  • Attentiveness

The only way your staff can gain leads and increase sales is if they pay attention to the attendees. An effective expo stand staff will listen enthusiastically to everything the attendee has to say. 

From greeting the attendees when they enter the exhibition stall to explaining to them the display products to answering their questions and much more, your staff cannot afford to look disinterested. 

While training let them be bombarded with a sea of questions and distractions to help them understand what the actual day will be like.

  • Open-Ended Questions

While a simple “How are you?” doesn’t harm, you can train the attendees to ask some better open-ended questions like “Shall I demonstrate this product to you?”, “Would you like to try out this product?”, and so on. Although these are open-ended questions, they do urge the attendees and the staff to take a course of action. 

  • Product Demonstration 

The staff members responsible for the product demonstrations must be fully knowledgeable about the product, its features, advantages, prices, and so on. The last thing you need is your staff struggling to use the product while demonstrating as it might leave a bad impression. They must have a script prepared for what they will say. 

  • Role Play

One of the best ways to train the staff is by giving them a feel of what working in the expo display stands is really like. This can be done through role-playing. 

With hundreds of attendees visiting your booth, and a several long minute presentation, or product demonstration, along with the task of collecting contact details, the event can turn stressful. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or struggle. This is why role plays are beneficial.

You can create a mock setup of the expo stand in the office and ask the staff questions and ask them to carry out their tasks. From asking challenging questions to product demos, the staff will be trained in dealing with different situations. 

We hope this article will help you while training your exhibition stand staff. These tips will not only train the attendees about what it is like working in a booth but will also help them understand the stall layout for exhibition events.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next trade show, get in touch with us.

Tip of the Day: On the day of the actual event, before the event starts, the staff can do a quick check off if they know everything and ask each other questions that the attendees might ask. This will help them get into the trade show headspace.

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