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Why Trade Shows are Thriving Now

Why TradeShows Are Thriving Now !

It is undeniable in the current generation that virtual experiences and social media are reigning, and the digital world is overshadowing almost every other thing. However, despite this supremacy, the trade fair industry is blooming quite nicely. Why you may ask? Simply because trade show exhibitions are quite far from being old-fashioned. Rather, they’re entertaining, fun, and VERY profitable. Most companies today, in any industry whatsoever, often resort to participating in trade shows, just to amplify their marketing strategies as well as to take full advantage of a trade show exhibition’s nature, of having one-on-one conversations with clients and consumers. 

There are 2 specific reasons why trade shows are thriving right now, let’s go through each of them: – 
  • Making your brand’s statement – One of the best things about a trade show is that it puts consumers and brands right under the same roof. This is the perfect opportunity to step down from a salesperson trying to sell his company, to a normal humane side of your company and establish deeper connections with your attendees. This can be an effective way of making a powerful statement of your company, by handing out promotional gifts, hosting giveaways, handing out goodie bags, etc. everyone loves free stuff, and attendees will love nothing more than this. 
  • Launching new products right in person – Yes, with the advent of social media and live streams, it’s getting much easier to launch products in person, no matter where you are in the world. However, nothing really compares to the real experience, does it? This is what the trade show exhibition industry is capitalizing on, showcasing products directly to the consumers, showing them everything a company has to offer, helping them experience the product, rather than seeing it on a screen. This also provides a good way of getting instant feedback from the attendees on whether they like the product or not, which is not possible on social media platforms.

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